You Can Get Paid $1,500 a Month to Be a 'Professional Napper'

If you hit the snooze button on your alarm every morning, the perfect job for you has just been advertised.

You could earn $1,500 for one month working as a "professional napper."

The dream job, literally, is for sleep website, which is hiring a team of "nap reviewers."

There are five positions available and the chosen candidates can be based anywhere in the world. They will need good written English, however, and must be able to start straight away.

Each member of the team will earn $50 a day for 30 days, testing the pros and cons of napping to provide "valuable insight" and evaluate claims about the health benefits of a daytime doze.

The job description says: "Our dedicated nappers will be required to take part in a variety of experiments, testing out theories such as the best nap duration for feeling refreshed, the effects of napping on overall levels of fatigue and the effects of napping on memory, motivation and productivity.

"The individuals will be required to take part in a video call before and after each experiment, to ensure they understand their tasks fully, and to complete a verbal questionnaire detailing their experiences and results."

The job description added that the applicants should ensure they can "nap undisturbed"—and alone.

Jasmin Lee, of eachnight, said: "There is an abundance of research that proves the benefits of a good sleep, but sometimes even a full eight hours leaves you feeling groggy and performing at an average level at best. With the added pressures of a worldwide pandemic and many people unable to fully wind down due to working from home, even a good night's sleep seems out of reach.

"The idea that napping is for young children and burnt-out university students is slowly dissipating and an increasing number of working adults are beginning to see the benefits of a daytime snooze."

Ledd added: "Understanding that napping can be a tricky thing to get right, we wanted to test out some of the theories behind the practice and decided how better to gather our findings than on real people who might benefit from a nap the most."

The application process requires potential employees to explain why they'd make an ideal "nap reviewer" and why they love sleep so much.

If you are over the age of 18, you can fill out the form here. Don't sleep on it—applications close on May 31.

Woman pressing a snooze button
Stock image of a young woman pressing snooze button on a digital clock radio. A company is looking to hire five "nap reviewers." Getty iStock/Elenathewise