You Can Now Get Paid $5,000 to Stay in Top Hotels and Test Their Baths

Having a bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax and soak away your worries.

But wouldn't it be an even better experience if you could be paid $5,000 to lie horizontally in a tub? is advertising for the position of "Bath Boss," which involves a stay in three luxurious hotel properties in New York City to sample the baths in a journey hilariously dubbed "Tour de Tub."

According to the booking site, the tub is fast becoming an "endangered species" in hotel rooms and in order to combat this the company is offering the chance to bathe at The Dominick, The Langham and Mr C. Seaport.

Aside from the $5,000 "salary," the role also comes with "a $1,000 travel stipend, plush bath accessories, custom robe, slippers and eye mask to set the tone for the ultimate hotel experience"—sounds good to us!

The advert for the appealing job reads: "Imagine that you check in to a hotel room and *gasp* there is no bathtub! (the horror).

"The hotel bath amenity is quickly becoming an endangered species and we CANNOT let that happen!

"Because we're passionate about saving one of the best hotel amenities, has created the coveted position of "Bath Boss" to bring awareness to the cause of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing in water for questionable amounts of time.

"If you're ready to soak to the point of prune, we need YOU, a self-proclaimed claw-foot connoisseur, to embark on a trip to three luxurious hotel properties in New York City to experience the ultimate Tour de Tub."

To be in with a chance of bathing for money, all you have to do is fill out the questionnaire on the website.

The questions include explaining which is your "favorite hotel bath" and listing some "non-negotiable bath accessories."

The company also asks applicants to write about what they believe makes them qualified for the role.

The Tour de Tub will be held between November 9 and November 15, in accordance with the current travel guidelines.

Additionally, this relaxing role is only available to those over the age of 21.

In other washing-related news, a woman on TikTok recently shared her "hellscape" of a bathroom in her home in Glasgow, Scotland.

The space was only 33 inches wide, yet still managed to fit a small tub, toilet and sink.

However, Amber Milne did manage to get the tiny space renovated and the result is astounding.

Woman in bath
A file photo of a woman in the bath. is planning to pay a lucky person $5,000 to test out tubs. iStock