'Ghost Adventures' Host Zak Bagans Buys Haunted Rocking Chair From Warren Exorcism That Inspired 'Conjuring 3'

Zak Bagans leads the Ghost Adventures team. Travel Channel

Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans is adding another creepy item to his museum. The "Devil's Rocking Chair" now belongs to the Travel Channel host, and it has a terrifying history.

The rocking chair comes from the exorcism archives of Lorraine and Ed Warren, who were expert demonologists and paranormal investigators. It's a relic from a one of America's most notorious exorcisms, which involved two demonic posessions and an eventual murder.

Bagans explained the allure of the chair in a conversation with Newsweek. 'The Devil in Connecticut' is not only terrifying but also historic ... it is the first time a court case's defense team sought to prove a murderer innocent by way of demonic possession and is the basis for Conjuring 3, set to premiere next year," he said.

The chair was the site of the exorcism of David Glatzel, a young boy who was seemingly possessed by a demon. Lorraine and Ed performed an exorcism on the boy, but when the demon left him, it seemingly entered another person. Arne Cheyenne Johnson later stabbed and killed his landlord and in court, and claimed he was compelled to kill because he was possessed by a demon.

The investegator said a demon known as "The Beast" was seen in the chair more than once. "Knowing the famed Ed and Lorraine Warren were a part of this case and that I was able to buy everything a member of the Glatzel family had in connection to it, including the 'Devil's Rocking Chair' was a major score for me," Bagans said. "It is known that Lorraine Warren and the young Glatzel boy who was possessed, David, would both see 'The Beast' sitting in the rocking chair it claimed as his. The chair would shake violently and even levitate whenever the boy was overtaken by 'The Beast.' A video interview of the Warrens reveals this as well."

Holy Water stains still rest on the chair, according to TMZ. It's also said that those who sit in the chair fall victim to intense back pain, with one incident even requiring surgery. Bagans bought the chair from Carl Glatzel, who is David's brother. The chair is said to have been in the family since before the 80s exorcism.

Bagans paid around $67,000 to acquire the chair, TMZ reported. The investigator bought the chair just before Lorraine died on April 18.

The chair will join a dense collection of haunted artifacts, which are already on display in Bagans' The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. Bagans has a handful of items that belonged to cult leader Charles Manson, the Jack Kevorkian van and pieces of Bagans' own "Demon House," which he tore down after filming a documentary in the location. Bagans estimated it will be about a month until the chair is visible to the public.

Though not yet on display, the chair is already wreaking havoc inside the museum. Bagans explained "doors at the museum shutting by themselves and locking, an intense tension in the area where the chair is being stored between staff members, light switches physically turning off, and nightmares from the shipper who picked the items up from the Glatzel house," as things that have happened since he brought the item to its new home.