'Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' Currency Explained - What Essence, Honor & Shrines Do

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is just a few hours old, but fans already have a few lingering questions that aren't adequately answered within the game itself. Chief among these unexplained topics are the three currency icons players see in the top-right corner of menus. Below, we explain all there is to know about how Essence, Honor and Shrines work in the game.

ghost of tsushima legends currency reforge
'Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' has three currencies called Honor, Essence and Shrines. Below, we explain what they do. 'Ghost of Tsushima' is available now on PS4. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Essence: Essence is marked by the fire-like icon furthest to the right. You earn Essence in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends by completing any activities whether they are pure quickplay missions or while pushing to complete a daily or weekly challenge. The primary use of Essence is to expand the Skill Trees of your characters by unlocking Perks. As far as we can tell, Essence is the only currency tied to Perks, which makes having lots of it super important for character development and Ranking up. Essence is also used for reforging gear, which leverages all three currencies. We'll explain that more below.

Honor: Honor is marked by the U-shaped icon next to the Essence icon. It's earned through gameplay just like Essence. In addition to rerolling daily challenges for 50 Honor a piece, the primary purpose of Honor is reforging gear. When you reforge any piece of gear, you essentially reroll its stats and perks. It costs quite a bit of Essence, Honor and Shrines to reforge something, but the results may be worth it. You might, for example, be able to turn a Bow with a 30 ranking into something twice as good.

To reforge a piece of gear, it must have a color rating of blue or higher. Simply select it from the character gear screen and press the square button to initiate a modification.

Shrines: When we say Shrines, we're talking about the little arch-like icon that's furthest left in the set of three currency icons. Like Essence and Honor, this is also used to reforge gear as you begin to level up. What's unique about it, though, is that the only way to accumulate Shrines is by completing daily challenges.

So to recap:

  • Reforging requires Essence, Honor and Shrines.
  • Perk upgrades require Essence.
  • Daily Challenge rerolls require Honor.

The currency system used in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is surprisingly complicated for a game without microtransactions, but you'll start to see how it works the more you progress through Story Missions and Survival Missions.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PS4.

What do you think of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends so far? Are you having a fun time picking up Essence, Honor and Shrines? Tell us in the comments section!

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