'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Post-Credit Scenes and the Original Movie Easter Eggs Explained

Once the credits start to roll after Ghostbusters: Afterlife, stay in your seats as there are more surprises to come.

The latest Ghostbusters movie is out in theaters everywhere now, with some old favorites returning alongside a new cast of characters played by Paul Rudd, Carey Coon, Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace. The original movie's director Ivan Reitman produces, while his son Jason Reitman directs and co-wrote this continuation of the franchise.

There's a mid-credit and a post-credit scene to enjoy which implies there's more to come from the Ghostbusters universe.

Major spoiler warning ahead as we dissect the mid and post-credit scenes.

What happens in the mid-credit scene?

After the emotional climax of the movie is over, the credits start to roll and we're taken away from the "Dirt Farm" where we just saw Spengler's family and the original Ghostbusters combine to save the day. The credits pause and we see Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver reprising their roles as Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett, sitting in their home.

Peter is hooked up to an electric shock machine as Dana tests his psychic abilities, asking him to guess what images are on the cards she's holding up.

The scene is a reenactment of a famous moment from the original Ghostbusters movie where Peter is testing two of his students.

Somehow, Peter keeps guessing each card correctly which makes Dana suspicious. He suggests telepathy is a sign of true love between them, which in-turn implies the two characters are still together.

Peter admits he used to cheat at the game and acknowledges that shocking his students was wrong. He reveals to Dana that he'd marked the cards which is why he is guessing correctly, and she shocks him.

What happens in the post-credit scene?

Two other original Ghostbusters cast members are the stars of the post-credit scene. Annie Potts returns as Janine Melnitz and Ernie Hudson appears as Dr. Winston Zeddemore once again.

Initially, we see archive footage of Melnitz talking to Egon Spengler from the first Ghostbusters movie. The scene shows Spengler giving her a coin, before we then cut to the modern day and it turns out Melnitz still has this coin.

She then has an open discussion with Zeddemore as he reflects on his life as a successful businessman. It's revealed he's funding Ray's (Dan Aykroyd) failing book shop and that he yearns for the old days when he was a Ghostbuster.

While the conversation continues, we see Zeddemore walk into the old Ghostbusters headquarters. The building is rundown and desolate but instantly recognizable.

As we look around the room, we see a familiar red box on the wall. It appears to be the Ghostbusters containment unit where they stored the ghosts. A red light starts flashing on it, with the words danger written next to it.

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