Celebrate 'Ghostbusters' 35th Anniversary With New Toys From Funko, Hasbro & More

It's been 35 years since the first time we heard that iconic siren blaring from the Ecto-1 as it raced to save New York City from ghostly hauntings in the original Ghostbusters. The 1984 film grossed $242 million in the United States and more than $295 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing comedy film of its time. Many fans craved licensed toys as children of the '80s, but that meant waiting three long years until the The Real Ghostbusters cartoon gave rise to Kenner-made toys in 1987.These days, however, there are plenty of Ghostbusters collectibles to gobble up, like Slimer downing an entire platter of food.

Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Action Figures Collectibles
Celebrate the 35th Anniversary with the pop-culture collectibles you missed out on as a kid. Newsweek

Here are some of our favorite Ghostbusters offerings that have hit the market this past year, just in time to help you celebrate their proper anniversary.


Ghostbusters Collection Figure

$49.99 each

Marking a first for Playmobil are these higher-quality, extra-large-sized collectors figures featuring each of the four Ghostbusters. A standard Playmobil figure stands at three inches tall, but these deluxe figures come in at just under six inches. Each one comes packaged individually with a proton backpack and one unique accessory to help you capture the unique Slimer cellophane inside.

Ghostbusters Playmobil Deluxe Figures
Supersize your ghost hunt with these 6-inch figures from Playmobil. Playmobil


Ghostbusters Action Vinyls Wave 1

$16.00 each

The Loyal Subjects has blind boxes with its own highly articulated figures. Now Ghostbusters Wave 1 is here, with all your favorite characters from the movie. Each package is random in its selection but stands at 3.25 inches in a mini-figure that boasts more than 11 points of articulation. Loyal Subjects make their figures stick out with added detailing in their sculpts and varied accessories.

Ghostbusters Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls Blind Boxes
Take a chance with a blind box and see which character you get. Rocco Marrongelli/Newsweek


Ghostbusters Peter with Firehouse Pop! Town


One of the first Pop! Town sets was revealed earlier this year, and the Ghostbusters Firehouse is a fine example of what the line will offer in the future. Dr. Peter Venkmen is bundled with the famous NYC landmark, and he is covered in marshmallow after saving the city from being engulfed in mush. After you place this on your shelf, just hope your neighbor doesn't show up to make you turn off your electricity.


Ghostbusters Slimed Figure Box Set

SDCC 2019 Exclusive


Diamond Select offered a massive collector's set at SDCC 2019, featuring all four of the Ghostbusterscovered in slimy mess. Not only do these detailed figures have 16 points of articulation, but they also come with a plethora of interchangeable hands, walkie talkies, proton packs and more to help recreate one of your favorite scenes from the movie. Getting one may be harder than catching a ghost, however, as Diamond Select only made 1984 of these sets.

Ghostbusters Diamond Select Slimed Exclusive
Only 1984 of these Slimed sets were made for SDCC 2019. Diamond Select


Transformers Generations Collaborative Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron Figure

Gamestop Exclusive


Fans love a mash-up, and Hasbro took that license to combine the Transformers universe with Ghostbusters' iconic Ecto-1. This classic 1984 Cadillac can now transform into Electron in situations when the standard Proton Pack just isn't enough. This figure only takes 22 steps to fully transform from Autobot to vehicle. Ectotron comes with his own Proton Pack and a Slimer to chase.

Ghostbusters Hasbro Transformers Ectotron
The Ecto-1 is now a transforming Autobot. Hasbro
Transform this Ecto-1 with only 22 steps to start catching some ghosts. Rocco Marrongelli/Newsweek



Walmart Exclusive

$15.88 each

Another mash-up idea from Mattel combines Ghostbusters and the WWE. With the deluxe articulation that the Elite series is known for, these six-inch figures also come with TrueFX facial detailing to enhance their haunting expressions. What makes these Ghostbuster figures stand apart, is that their outfits are based on the wrestler's ring gear they are mashed up with. Each comes packed with a Proton pack and other accessories to help give ghosts a Stone-Cold Stunner.

Ghostbusters WWE Elite Collection Mattel
Get ready to hit the ring and wrestle some ghosts with this WWE mash-up from Mattel. Mattel

Beyond action figures and vinyl collectibles, there are many different offerings you can find this year from sneakers to prop replicas and more. Is there a particular collectible you're chasing down like a rampant ghost? How do you plan to celebrate the Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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