Giant Crocodile Kills and Eats 8-Year-Old Girl in Front of Her Friends

A massive crocodile attacked and ate an 8-year-old girl while she was bathing in the river with friends. Authorities found the remains of the young girl earlier Friday.

The attack occurred when the girl, Suci Ramadhani, was bathing in the river water with her friends on Wednesday. Officials told The Star that the girl was attacked by the crocodile in the Teluk Kayeli district of Buru Island.

Korpos Rahmad Namlea, a search and rescue official in the city of Ambon, told The Star that the young girl's friends watched the attack happen and were in complete shock at the incident.

Locals quickly made it to the scene and were able to stab the large crocodile with a spear while the young girl's head was visible inside the animal's mouth. But Namlea told The Star that when they cut into the stomach of the crocodile the remains of the girl were not inside.

Her remains were discovered earlier Friday, according to Namlea.

"The river is known to be infested with saltwater crocodiles," Namlea told The Star. "At least two crocodile attacks have occurred in the past 10 years."

Crocodile attacks such as these are common when humans interact in locations with heavy crocodile populations. They are known as "opportunistic predators" that are able to sneak below the surface of the water and wait until prey is unaware before attacking.

Unlike their close relative the alligator, crocodiles are ill-tempered and are more likely to attack humans unprovoked. They are also, on average, three feet larger than alligators and have teeth designed to tear.

Alligators' teeth are meant for crushing prey, which means that crocodile bites are much stronger. In the United States, you are more likely to be attacked by an alligator than a crocodile, but these sorts of attacks are quite common in Indonesia since the country is home to 14 different species of crocodile.

On Thursday in the same district of Teluk Kayeli, officials announced that a 9-year-old boy was missing from the village and was allegedly attacked by a crocodile. According to reports, the boy was bathing in the river near his house in Kaki Aer Village. An hour later, his friends reported he was eaten by a crocodile.

Crocodile Eats 8 year old girl
Indonesian authorities found the remains of an 8-year-old girl who was brutally attacked and eaten by a crocodile on Wednesday. Unlike alligators, crocodile's teeth are designer to tear prey. SonerCdem/Getty Images

Search and rescue teams joined local authorities to try to locate the crocodile and the young boy. On the first day of searching, the team caught a crocodile but when they cut into its stomach they did not find any remains.

Friday marks the second day of searching and the boy has still not been found.

In another incident, a 7-year-old girl was killed during a crocodile attack in Papua New Guinea back in April. Newsweek reported that the young girl was swimming in the Budaim river with her grandmother and older sister when the crocodile attacked.

The young girl's uncle told the Post Courier that the crocodile attempted to grab both sisters but one of them was able to escape. The victim's sister said the girl's grandmother asked them to get out of the river but as they were swimming out the crocodile snatched her sister with its tail which allowed her to escape. But her sister wasn't as lucky.

The victim's body was recovered the day following the attack, although the bottom half of her body was completely devoured by the crocodile.