Giant Python Disrupts Picnic in Chilling Video

A chilling video captured in Australia showed a giant carpet python disrupting a group picnic. The group was forced to wait and watch from a safe distance as the snake slithered across their belongings.

Shaun Jones captured the video in Brisbane's Mount Coot-Tha, a suburb in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Jones told Storyful that the python ascended from the water before making its way over to the picnic blanket.

"All of the other people were quite scared, as it came from the water, it was a shock to see," Jones told the media company.

Australian outlet 7 News reported that the python was 6.5-feet long.

At the beginning of the 24-second clip, the constrictor weaves its way through lunch boxes and onto the blanket. As the snake slithers through containers of food, someone off-camera says to a child: "That's where daddy was sitting five minutes ago."

The python is still on the blanket by the video's end; however, another off-camera voice says that it is "going for the tree."

The snake reportedly didn't steal anything from the picnic site.

According to Queensland's Department of Environment and Science, Brisbane is home to 27 species of snakes. Of those, carpet pythons are among the most commonly seen species in the area.

Many encounters with these non-venomous constrictors occur "on the road on warm spring and summer nights in all habitat types within their range," the department said. But, they can be found anywhere throughout the city, and have even been spotted in the city's center.

The department added that this species prefers to prey on smaller animals such as rats, possums and lizards.

Some Facebook commenters on 7 News's post said that they would have fled the area entirely had a python approached them.

"Ekkk! I would have picked up my car keys, got my kids and into the car and on our way home," said one. "Snake can keep the food and the picnic rug."

"I would have been in my car, reversing out of the car park before the snake reached the other side of the picnic blanket," added another. "And all the stuff on the blanket could have stayed there!"

Jones isn't the first to have experienced an unexpected run-in with a python in recent weeks. Another Australian man named Keith Williams found a huge python in his dish rack while he was clearing plates.

In a statement to Newsweek, Williams said: "I definitely jumped a mile when I eventually spotted the snake. But once I calmed down I realized it was a carpet python. Non-venomous and no danger to me."

carpet python
A chilling video captured in Queensland, Australia shows a giant carpet python disrupting a group picnic. According to wildlife officials carpet pythons are among the most commonly seen species in the area. chameleonseye/iStock