Gifts For The Digitally Aware

ARE THE HOLIDAYS GIVING you the urge to finally chart that family tree? Remap the vegetable garden? Send out some slick New Year's party invitations? Maybe even make your own stack of 150 Christmas cards? (Well, OK, you can skip the cards.)

Whatever your creative impulse, Visio Home 3.0 can probably make the job more fun though not necessarily more sophisticated, given the coloringbook tone of some of the images. The program ($49) is Shapeware's newest expanded version of the company's original drag-and-drop drawing program for Windows. It provides templates for everything from home-remodeling designs to treasure maps, flashcards and football playbooks. Once you've chosen a template, add any of dozens of geometric patterns and cartoon images.

If you weren't the one to get the artistic genes in your family, never fear: Visio Home does most of the drawing for you, and is intuitive and lively enough for a 10-year-old.