Gigantic Lizard Climbs Supermarket Shelves in Horrifying Video

A recent shopping trip took a terrifying turn for one unlucky group of 7-Eleven customers in Thailand. In a scene straight out of a monster movie, an enormous lizard infiltrated the establishment and wreaked havoc on the store.

Captured in a video—which appears to have first been posted to Facebook by Jejene Narumpa—patrons of the convenience store are shocked when they spot a giant, reptilian creature slithering down the aisles.

The lizard, backed into a corner, then begins to scale a set of shelves. As it climbs the shelves, rows and rows of neatly stacked products topple to the ground. The lizard, which appears to be several feet tall, manages to climb to the very top shelf, merely inches from the ceiling, while customers watch in awe and disbelief.

Leaving a huge mess in its wake, the lizard appears to settle comfortably on the top shelf, flicking its tongue.

According to UNILAD, the creature is an Asian water monitor lizard, a species that is common to the area. They are reportedly known for their scavenging tendencies and often eat the decaying flesh of dead animals.

Animalia, an online animal encyclopedia, adds that Asian water monitor lizards are some of the world's largest reptiles. The semi-aquatic creatures are known for their powerful jaws and legs, in addition to their superb climbing abilities, as evidenced by Narumpa's alarming video.

On Twitter, users are sharing their hilarious reactions to the 7-Eleven ordeal, which has been shared on the platform by several outlets.

"Is he doing a promo for the movie Godzilla vs Kong?" asked one user.

Another commenter noted that "maybe they should put the lizard's favorite brand of food on the bottom shelf in the future."

Others expressed concern for the creature. "Poor animal, must have been terrified," wrote one worried viewer. "I hope they didn't kill it."

Currently, there is no available information on the lizard's status.

Because monitor lizards are relatively common, this incident is not the first time that one has crept into the human world.

In 2017, a crocodile monitor lizard mysteriously appeared in a California man's backyard. Since the species is native to New Guinea, officials theorized that the lizard was someone's illegal pet that had escaped.

A few years before that, in 2015, Bangkok tourists spotted a giant water monitor lizard traversing along the city's sewage system, just beneath a sidewalk grate.

Water Monitor Lizard
The incident took place in Thailand, where Asian water monitor lizards are relatively common. James D. Morgan/Getty Images