Giorgio Takes Manhattan

Last week all eyes were trained on the fashion runways of Calvin, Ralph and Geoffrey, but it was Giorgio Armani who stole the show. The Italian designer, who seldom visits these shores, was all over New York City doing a little personal PR (even Saks Fifth Avenue pronounced it "Armani Week"). After appearing at the opening of a photo exhibit called "Giorgio Armani--Images of Man," he held court at a lavish dinner for 250 carefully chosen guests at the Museum of Modern Art. The occasion for this little ciaodown was a screening of "Made in Milan," a documentary about, who else Armani. The 26-minute film, made by buddy Martin Scorsese (who received a reported $2 million fee), depicts the designer's life and work in embarrassingly egotistical detail, leading some wags to dub it "Paid in Milan." Though there were scattered titters in the MoMA audience, most kept their sniping under wraps.