Giraffe Hilariously Ruins Romantic Proposal by Headbutting Bride-to-Be

The moment a couple's proposal was dramatically derailed by a headbutting giraffe has been viewed online over 2 million times.

Bride-to-be Montserrat Cox was proposed to by her now-fiancee in a romantic moment that soon turned into a hilarious one when a giraffe decided to get in on the action.

Thanks to the strong hit of a giraffe halfway through the proposal, Cox was left in a neck brace for days after but still feels it was "the best proposal ever."

A giraffe headbutted a bride-to-be during her proposal in a hilarious video. frentusha/Getty Images

Despite it not being exactly perfect, it's entertained millions online with the giraffe's hilarious timing. In the video, Cox's partner got down on one knee to propose, and she immediately said yes and nodded her head. Giraffes could be seen roaming in the background, a sign of what is to come.

Now crying, the bride-to-be was approached by a curious giraffe as she accepted the ring into her hand. A giraffe, however, had other plans as it poked its head into the frame, nudging her arm before smacking her in the face with its own head.


Had to wear a neck brace for the next few days, but still the best proposal ever 💍 #engagement #fail #proposal #proposalfail #safari #giraffe

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The giraffe hit so hard in fact that it sent Cox backward just seconds after what is likely one of the most important moments of her life.

It didn't have much effect, however, as Cox said although her neck hurt for a couple of days she "was so happy [she] didn't notice."

"It's not a sign of anything," she declared in a comment. "We have been very happy together for seven years. The giraffe was just being a giraffe."

Male giraffes are known to use their necks to fight one another, in a practice called "necking" where they swing their heads like wrecking balls in a bid to prove their dominance, and ultimately make mating more likely.

National Geographic reports that: "In intense bouts, male giraffes compete for dominance by steadying their legs and swinging their necks to deliver sledgehammer blows to each other with the stout ossicones atop their heads."

The painful blow faced by Cox might not have been ideal, but it sure was funny, according to the internet.

"That giraffe was straight up trying to steal the spotlight," wrote one user.

"Honestly that would be the best day of my life," added another.

"If I don't get knocked out by a giraffe during a proposal I don't want it," joked a TikTok viewer, reflecting the thoughts of many.

"This is the best proposal video to ever exist," agreed a viewer.

Newsweek has contacted Montserrat Cox for comment.