3-Year-Old Girl's Braids Were Ripped from Scalp During Naptime at Illinois Day Care, Parents Claim

The parents of a 3-year-old girl from Illinois have demanded an explanation after claiming that a braid of their daughter's hair was ripped out at a daycare center.

Robin Reddick told WMAQ-TV that she had received a call from her daughter's daycare center, Kindercare, in Oswego, Illinois, hours after she had dropped her off on Tuesday morning. The mother told the news station that something had happened to her daughter, Ariana, but it was not an emergency.

When she picked her up from daycare that day, she told WMAQ-TV that she had found a chunk of her daughter's hair missing and that it had appeared to have been ripped from her scalp.

"It looked very painful," Reddick told the news station. "I can see hair follicles of her hair."

Ariana's teacher allegedly told Reddick that they had noticed the missing braids after nap time, according to WMAQ-TV. Reddick and her husband took their daughter to a doctor who told them that something had forcefully ripped their daughter's braids from her scalp. Following the incident, the couple told the news station that they had spoken with the Ilinois Department of Children and Family Services and filed a report with the police.

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KinderCare Learning Center in Oswego, Illinois. A mother claims her 3-year-old daughter had some of her braids ripped out of her scalp during nap time on Tuesday. Screenshot/Google Maps

The couple is still demanding to know what exactly happened to their daughter.

"I just want justice for my daughter," Reddick told WMAQ-TV. "And I just want to know what happened. What happened to her at daycare that day."

Newsweek has reached out to KinderCare Learning Centers for comment on the incident but did not hear back in time for publication. In a statement to WMAQ-TV, the facility said they immediately contacted the family once they noticed the loose braid.

"Although no injury occurred, we also reported the incident to state licensing, so that they may look into the matter for themselves, if they so choose," the statement to the news station read.

In February, a teacher from Wisconsin was placed on administrative leave for allegedly pushing an 11-year-old student and ripping three of her braids from her scalp. Mikiea Price previously told WISC-TV that her daughter is afraid to go back to school after acting principal and positive behavior support coach Robert Mueller-Owens reportedly assaulted her at Whitehorse Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin, on February 13.

The assault reportedly occurred after Price's daughter and another student had sprayed too much perfume in a classroom and Mueller-Owens was called to intervene, Madison365 previously reported. Price told the news site that her daughter was not listening to Mueller-Owen's instructions when he pushed and punched her while she was heading out the door.

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