Girl, 5, Dies From Meth Poisoning After Drinking Water From Her Mother's Bong

A five-year-old died of a meth overdose after drinking water from a bottle that had been used as a bong by her mother.

Sophia Larson drank from a water bottle in her mother Stephanie Alvarado's home in Rifle, Colorado, on the night of December 10, The Mercury News reported.

After the girl said the water was "yucky," Alvarado and her cousins Daniel Alvarado, 27, and Bertha Karina Ceballos-Romo, 26, realized that she had drunk from the bottle they had been using as a pipe when they smoked methamphethamine that day.

Fox31 reported that court documents say the three watched Larson hallucinate for more than three hours and didn't call for help even when the girl told her mom she was "seeing monsters and demons." Instead, they prayed and tried home remedies.

It was only when Larson stopped breathing that they drove the girl to Grand River Hospital, where she was declared dead in the early hours of December 11, The Mercury News reported.

Garfield County Coroner Robert Glassmire determined that Larson had a "very, very high" level of methamphetamine in her blood at the time of her death, according to the newspaper, citing a police affidavit. He determined her death was due to methamphetamine intoxication.

Last week, Stephanie Alvarado and her cousins were arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death, possession of a controlled substance and reckless endangerment.

Ceballos-Romo faces an additional charge of tampering with evidence after police said she tried to clean up evidence from the apartment where the girl overdosed, according to Fox31.

The Mercury News reported that the three told police they were smoking methamphetamine together on December 10 after Stephanie Alvaredo lost her job after failing a drug test. They said they continued to use drugs while driving to pick Larson up from school, but stopped when she got in the car.

The girl went to bed at around 10.30 p.m. that night, but got up later to get a drink and that's when she drank the water contaminated with methamphetamine, according to the affidavit.

Over the next few hours, the girl started hallucinating and the adults tried to help her by giving her milk and wrapping her in a blanket.

Fox31 reported that Daniel Alvaredo and Ceballos-Romo thought the girl was possessed by an evil spirit and so insisted on reciting Bible passages and praying instead of going to the hospital. The pair told police that Stephanie Alvarado was reluctant to get medical help because she feared getting into trouble with the law.

Stephanie Alvarado told police that she didn't want to take her daughter to the hospital because she feared she would lose custody, The Mercury News reported.

But when the girl collapsed, they took her to a family member's home hoping an oxygen machine would help her before eventually taking her to hospital.

Larson's father Alex Larson, who shared custody of the girl, told Fox31 that he ended his relationship with Alvarado about a year ago because of her problems with substance abuse.

The 23-year-old told the station that he'll never forgive his ex-girlfriend or her cousins for the death of his daughter. "If they would have taken her [to the hospital] when they saw my daughter drank that, she may have been a little slow and not right in the head—but my daughter would still be here with me today," he said.

The Rifle Police Department and the Garfield County Coroner's Office has been contacted for comment.

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