Applause for Girl's 'Petty' Revenge on Bridezilla Stepmom in Wedding Photos

Stepmothers have always been portrayed as evil and manipulative, and while there certainly are many exceptions, the stepmom in this story is definitely not one of them.

The story of a child's picture pose revenge during her father's wedding to another woman has gone viral on the internet, opening a debate on child-parent relationships after the latter gets remarried.

In a post shared on Reddit, newenglandnoir explained that when her father got remarried, her stepmom, in full "bridezilla" mode, forced her to remove her glasses for the wedding pictures, as she deemed them inappropriate for the event, and so she decided to do something about it.

Child taking pictures at wedding
A stock image shows a child taking some pictures at a wedding. The story of a child's cheeky revenge while taking pictures at their father's wedding has moved the internet exactly 25 years later. Getty Images

"It was 1996. I was 12, and felt very dependent on my glasses. Like, panicked without them, security blanket-style, especially during the chubby, zitty years," newenglandnoir said.

Then she went on to say she was "p***ed" that her stepmom asked her to remove her glasses, since she clearly wasn't comfortable without, but she used the "it's my wedding card," so she went on with it, just on her own terms.

"So, in true fit of tween righteousness and pique, every time they asked me to be in a photo on their wedding day, I removed my glasses and... I crossed my eyes almost completely. Not one photo of me exists from that day. I won. Petty, but satisfying, even 25 years later," she said.

In further comments, the poster also added that her "spineless" father is still married to her stepmother, but they stopped visits about two years after the wedding, because "new baby, v busy," and they haven't spoken to each other since 2017.

The post, which was shared on Tuesday on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest, has so far reached over 15,800 upvotes and 314 raging comments.

According to a survey carried out by Dr. Karl Pillemer, Hazel E. Reed Professor in the Department of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medicine, there is a surprising prevalence of family estrangement for the first time ever.

The survey found that 27 percent of Americans 18 and older had cut off contact with a family member, most of whom reported that they were upset by such a rift, and that translates to at least 67 million people nationally.

Most people were moved by the story and showed their support. One user, 00psie-daisy, said: "Dude I'm sorry, but I like your story." And jdtrouble added: "Sounds to me like you are with the people who matter. And sometimes the garbage just takes itself out. Congrats on getting away from Bridezilla."

Other users shared their own experiences with "spineless" parents. Lukefairs commented: "Wow same thing happened with my Dad, step mom doesn't like me so my spineless dad stopped talking to me too." And CeelaChathArrna added: "My spineless mother only talks to me when my Dad isn't around. I dropped the rope. If she wants to talk she has to call now."

One stepmother among the comments, ukegrrl, said: "I am also a stepmom & if my husband neglected his kids to pay attention to me that would have turned me off completely!" And Calpernia09 added: "I just can't understand women or men who want their S/O to ignore, neglect etc their own child. That's who you want a relationship with???"

Another user, gumpiere, spoke a hard truth: "Sorry to tell you but if all that took for those 'fathers' to abandon their kids was a new bride new baby too busy... They are better lost than found."

While most comments pointed the fingers at stepmoms, one user, bitchyRac00m, shared the opposite story: "I'm the exact opposite. Step mom really likes me, dad doesn't like me at all and doesn't speak to me unless pressured by her, sometimes she texts me through his phone, she thinks I have no idea it's her pretending to be my dad and I don't have the heart to burst her bubble."

A few people thought the hilarious revenge would have made a great post on another subreddit dedicated to pettiness but others, like digitalgraffiti-ca, disagreed: "Not petty. Entirely justified."

Other users pointed out how out of place the bride's request was. Elvishgirl said: "Controlling a disability aid is super s****y, full stop. And like... that's what glasses are."

Pandainachefcoat said: "Damn.. this s*** hurts. I'm so sorry. Find people you love and who love you, everyone else can F*** right off."

TryingKindness said: "Glad they have that parting gift!" And Glitter-Cinnamon added: "Team glasses 1-Bridezilla 0. Love this so so much!" Which-Island6011 wrote: "I read, bold move with massive EYE balls"

If you have a similar family dilemma, let us know via We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.