Horror Fans, Make Sure to Check Out CM Punk's 'Girl on the Third Floor' on Netflix

Netflix recently welcomed a disturbing new horror movie to its streaming library: Girl on the Third Floor, starring Phil Brooks, better known to wrestling fans as CM Punk. If Netflix users are searching for a creepy and sinister take on haunted-house tropes, then they should definitely check out the psychological thriller, helmed by director Travis Stevens.

Originally released in theaters in 2019, Girl on the Third Floor follows Don Koch (CM Punk), a former lawyer who's trying to remodel his new home just before his newborn baby arrives. With his pregnant wife, Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn), away, Don strives to rebuild each room in their antique house. Unfortunately, the house is a real fixer-upper because of its decaying walls and—this should've been a red flag—oozing slime. Sure enough, Don soon discovers that his house has something dark and hideous lurking within the walls.

Girl on the Third Floor
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The former WWE champ delivers an impressive lead performance. His character is someone we instinctively want to root for, since he's the protagonist in a horror story, at the mercy of a haunted house, but he's also a bad guy—a serial cheater who lets his eyes wander whenever his new neighbor Sarah (Sarah Brooks) shows up.

In a surprising move (we won't go into any detail, to avoid spoilers) the narrative actually switches from a male point-of-view to a female perspective. The entire third act belongs to Dunn's Liz, who becomes the story's focal point. Again, we don't want to give away the entire plot, so we'll stop at saying the obvious: Liz begins investigating the house's sordid history, and becomes increasingly disturbed by what she encounters.

To be honest, though, we might be being a little too precious about spoilers—Girl on the Third Floor is already a hit on Netflix. Soon after the streaming service debuted its new top-10 lists tracking the most popular TV shows and movies among viewers, Girl on the Third Floor appeared at the No. 4 spot for U.S. users, according to The Street.

If you're a horror fan who appreciates gross-out fluids (that black ooze really leaves an impression) and a narrative that isn't afraid to catch you off-guard, then make sure to see Girl on the Third Floor.