Girlfriend Dragged for Saying Pricier Car 'More Important' Than Boyfriend's

A woman has been dragged online for demanding that her boyfriend give up his garage space so that she can park her more expensive car there.

On Sunday, Reddit user u/carissueaita shared the story on the popular forum r/AmITheA**hole where it has received thousands of upvotes and comments.

The 28-year-old man explained that he has been with his girlfriend for two years.

"We don't live together but she spends a lot of time at my place because she has roommates," he said. "I have a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger, it's kind of broken down and I bought it really cheap a few years ago. The car is not that good but I honestly have a deep love for it and I spend a lot of money on it wherever I have some money left to spend. Recently my girlfriend brought a 2017 Renault, the car is nice, it's new too so it doesn't even have a scratch."

Woman looking for parking space
A stock photo of a woman looking for a parking space in a garage. The internet has backed a man after his girlfriend demanded he move his car so she can park hers. Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Problems began when the man's girlfriend demanded that he leave his car outside when she stays over so that her car can go into the garage.

"She said since her car is new, then it is more important to keep it safe," he explained. "I obviously disagreed, my car might be cheaper but it is still my car and I think I deserve to keep it safe because it's my only vehicle."

After telling his girlfriend he wanted to keep his car safe, she told him that he was being selfish: "I tried to calm her down and told her that I could pick her up at her house when she wants to stay over, to which she said no and that she had bought the car to be seen in a new car and not a broken down one."

She told her boyfriend that he was "ruining their relationship" over a car. Since the argument, she has refused to answer his calls and so he took to Reddit to ask for advice.

The U.S. is one of the world's largest automobile markets and in 2020 more than 276 million vehicles were registered including cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses.

A 2019 housing report by Eye On Housing found that 65 percent of U.S. homes had a two-car garage, while another 19 percent had garages large enough to hold three or more cars.

Reddit users overwhelmingly sided with the man, telling him that his girlfriend was being unreasonable.

"Your solution was really reasonable," said one commenter: "Both of your cars will be safe that way. I think your girlfriend doesn't appreciate your stuff because it's cheap."

"She's the one ruining your relationship over a car," said another Reddit user.

U/carissueaita told Newsweek: "I read a lot of people telling me that maybe my relationship with my girlfriend is not good and that she doesn't appreciate me but I still can't quite see it, our relationship was just fine before this."

One Redditor said: "The car issue is irrelevant. It's a control issue. She's selfish and demanding now and it probably won't get better."

"If you look very closely you will see her true colors," said another commenter: "Think long and hard about continuing this relationship."

"As a car lover if someone asked me to move my project car out of the garage. Nope," wrote another commenter.

"I feel a little overwhelmed by the attention my post is getting," said the poster: "I don't know how to respond to that many comments but I'm still reading them and taking them into consideration."

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