Giuliani: FBI and Prosecutors Investigating Trump Are 'Wackadoodles' Who Belong in Psych Ward

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that the FBI agents and prosecutors investigating the president were “wackadoodles” who belonged in a psychiatric ward.

Speaking at a campaign rally for Republican Dan Donovan on Saturday, Giuliani slammed the ongoing Russia investigation, saying the officials involved in the investigation into alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign team and Russia were "cruel."

“I'm very proud because he's got that spirit," Giuliani said, speaking about Trump, CNN reported.

"My God, nothing gets him down. But what they've been doing to him is heartless, it's cruel,” he added.

Giuliani, who has made a series of outlandish comments since taking up a position as Trump’s lawyer, also said the investigation was "made up of a bunch of distorted human beings who cried" when Democrat Hillary Clinton was beaten by President Trump.

"Imagine FBI agents and prosecutors crying when Hillary Clinton wasn't elected. I think if I could get those pictures of them crying…” he added in what may have been a reference to a report from the inspector general of the Department of Justice, released on Thursday.

“Ahhhhh we want Hillary, what’s going to happen? I need a psychiatrist,” Giuliani said, mocking the FBI.

“Instead of investigating President Trump, they should go to Bellevue,” he added, referring to the psychiatric ward in New York, The Hill reported. “Wackadoodles.”

The report from the watchdog released this week found former FBI chief James Comey did not follow protocol in the investigation into Clinton’s emails, but concluded there was no political bias in the investigation, The Independent reported.

The report also revealed that an FBI employee had written “I can't stop crying” in an email following Clinton’s election defeat.

Giuliani’s reference to the psychiatric ward came shortly after he said former Vice President Joe Biden was a “mentally deficient idiot” who could not beat Trump in 2020.

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