'Go Back to Mexico': Couple Berates Driver With 'F*** Trump' Bumper Sticker on His Car

A couple berated a driver and his passenger who had a "F*** Trump" bumper sticker affixed to the vehicle in which they were driving, according to a Reddit user.

A video captured part of the interaction and was posted to Reddit on Tuesday by ReptarBarr, who wrote in their post that the video was originally posted on Facebook by a friend.

The 27-second video starts with the sound of laughter coming from inside the vehicle displaying the bumper sticker. The camera lens is pointed at the vehicle's rolled-down passenger's window, with the passenger's face out of view. The driver is heard laughing as a gray truck pulls up beside them and rolls down its driver's window. Inside is a middle-aged man and a woman sitting in the passenger's seat beside him.

"Why don't you go back," the man can be heard yelling from inside the truck.

"You look so ugly," the first driver yells back. The passenger can then be seen giving the man in the truck a thumbs up.

"Why don't you go back to Mexico?" the man yells.

In reply, the driver filming the incident says while continuing to laugh, "You look so f***ing ugly. You look so f***ing hideous."

Anti-Trump bumper sticker
Two anti-Trump bumper stickers are affixed to a car in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in February 2018. On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted a video of a couple berating a driver with a “F*** Trump” bumper sticker. Robert Alexander/Getty

The woman inside the truck can then be heard yelling, "Go back" while waving at them and sticking both her middle fingers up in the air.

"You're the biggest problem in this country. F***ing lowlifes," the man in the truck yells. He continues to speak but begins rolling up his window, making his next comments indecipherable. Once the window is up, the man points at them and begins driving the truck faster until he passes them.

"Oh s***. That was awesome," the first driver can be heard saying before ending the video.

The video attracted more than 200 comments on Reddit in the first 12 hours after it was posted. Several of the commenting users shared their own road rage stories and debated the most effective ways to further infuriate people struggling with road rage while driving.

The user who posted the video pointed out that the passenger gave a thumbs up near the start of the recorded interaction. When another user asked where the driver bought their bumper sticker, ReptarBarr responded by saying it was purchased locally but did not specify where the incident took place.

Newsweek reached out to ReptarBarr for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

A similar bumper sticker inspired a debate in 2017 about whether or not it was legal to use car decals with inflammatory language. After sheriffs in Fort Bend, Texas, questioned a woman with a decal that read, 'F*** Trump and f*** you for voting for him," the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas defended the sticker's use, saying it was protected by the First Amendment.