Goat Attacks Man, Lurks in Background As Paramedics Help Victim in Video

A man in his 60s was taken to a hospital in Australia on Tuesday morning after being attacked by a goat while out walking, authorities said.

The victim, who was not named, sustained injuries to his leg after being rammed by the animal and falling to the ground. Three paramedic crews attended the scene at around 9.15 a.m. on Tuesday, local media outlet 7News reported.

The incident occurred near the Knapsack Viaduct at Glenbrook in Lapstone, a town at the eastern end of the Blue Mountains, a vast 3861-square-mile UNESCO World Heritage area about a two hour drive west from the city of Sydney, New South Wales (NWS). The area earned its world heritage status partly thanks to its biological diversity. As well as goats, the it is inhabited by a large array of native and non-native animals including dingos, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, bats and a range of colourful birds.

Footage of the incident published by 7News on YouTube showed ambulance staff attempting to get the man onto a stretcher, as the goat quietly lurked in the background.

In the video, a person could be seen pushing the animal into some nearby grass, as the victim was aided by the emergency services. As paramedics worked, the goat was seen chewing some of the greenery while watching from behind a roadside barrier.

After the injured man was transferred to an ambulance, the goat was filmed standing close to the vehicle, moving out of the way of a cyclist before following another person along the trail. It remains unclear whether the goat was provoked.

The man was taken to Nepean Hospital, a facility located in Kingswood at the base of the Blue Mountains, and was in a stable condition, 9News reported.

New South Wales Ambulance service confirmed crews responded to reports that a man had suffered "leg injuries after being attacked by a goat while bushwalking," which is a term used to describe both on and off-trail hiking.

#Glenbrook - NSW Ambulance crews are responding to reports that a man has suffered leg injuries after being attacked by a goat while bushwalking. #NSWAmbulance

— NSW Ambulance (@NSWAmbulance) January 25, 2021

NSW Ambulance Inspector David Patterson told 9News: "We attend quite a few jobs involving animals but being called to a goat attack is one of the more bizarre.

"These types of jobs can be quite challenging for paramedics and other emergency services, especially with the possibility of an angry animal lurking in the area."

The inspector continued: "Paramedics need to be able to get to the patient quickly, but also have to ensure they are not putting themselves at risk."

Stock photo of a goat
File photo: Goat portrait on a green summer meadow. A man in his 60s was taken to a hospital in Australia on Tuesday morning after being attacked by a goat (not pictured) while out walking, authorities say. iStock