'God of War' Blooper Reel Shows How Weird Game Development Is

God of War is a stand-out game in a year of stand-out games, and a new price cut makes it easier for holdouts to experience Kratos' latest story. As announced on the PlayStation Blog, God of War is receiving a permanent price drop to $39.99.

To celebrate the price drop news, the QA lead for God of War shared a funny blooper reel and insights into how the QA team helped stomp out as many bugs as possible. If you are interested at all in game development, the blog post is a must-read. If you prefer to laugh at goofy glitches and bugs, definitely check out the video above.

In the video we see something as seemingly simple as Atreus' changing facial expressions can result in horrors and hilarity. The most frustrating part with many of these bugs is the issues are borne from things you wouldn't expect. Why is Kratos' axe not spinning properly? It might be because of how the weather is programmed or one of a million other possibilities. This video is proof that the QA team is more than an important part of game development, as they're the ones responsible for keeping these bugs away from the public.

God of War had some technical difficulties before it was released Sony

After seeing all the issues the God of War team went through, it's clear the QA team did an admirable job. If you've ever wondered why it takes companies so long to develop new games, and why many games are delayed, it's because unforeseen issues come out of nowhere, resulting in setbacks that can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple weeks to resolve.

God of War is now available on PS4.

So what do you think? What was your favorite bug from the 'Midgard Mishaps' video above? Will you purchase God of War now that the price has dropped? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.