'God of War': How To Sell Artifacts and Other Tips For Getting More Hacksilver

God of War fans have a lot to love in the latest installment, but some changes to the collectibles system have left more than a few people confused. You'll find artifacts scattered around the map and, since they have numbers and lore attached, you may feel compelled to hoard them. Don't. The best thing (and only thing) to do with artifacts is sell them. Here's how you do it.

God of War: How To Sell Artifacts And Other Items

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Artifacts serve one purpose in the game: to get you more hacksilver. Here's how to sell them. Santa Monica Studios
  • How To Sell Artifacts - It terms of usable items, artifacts are completely useless. They exist for one purpose: to be gathered and sold. As a result, you should sell your artifacts as often as you can.Selling artifacts is as easy as finding Brok or Sindri. Once you access the blacksmith shop all you need to do is scroll over to the Sell tab (check the pic above). If you have any artifacts in your inventory you can sell them off for hacksilver.
  • Sell Extra Enchantments and Other Items - You can also sell a number of other items too, including resources, enchantments and extra armor. There is no carry weight restriction in God of War but also no reason to hang on to things, either.
  • Pro Tip: Improve Armor First - Though selling extra items is a great way to get more hacksilver quickly, do it sensibly. A good rule of thumb is to check your armor inventory each time you're at the shop and see if anything you're carrying might be an improvement on what you have equipped. Remember to take enchantments and upgrades into consideration too. A lot of base gear might seem worse than what you're wearing, but after a few upgrades it might not be.

God of War Hacksilver Tips: Best Ways To Get More Of It Fast

  • Explore - Since you're looking for how to sell artifacts odds are you're looking to make some quick hacksilver, too. Selling the odds and ends in your inventory is one way to go, but lots of hacksilver can be gained by exploring too. In fact, you can make a nice chunk of change just cruising in the boat.
  • Sail Around Lake Of Nine - If you find yourself a few hacksilver short of an update a simple, reliable way to find some fast is to sail around the Lake of Nine. Run over and barrels, crates or bodies you see floating in the water. You can also harvest Aegir's Gold inside the shimmering golden circles that appear on the surface which you can sell at a blacksmith. So if you're in need of fast cash and don't want to get caught up dungeon diving or battling enemies the best solution is to spend a few minutes rowing around. Plus, the more you explore the more landmarks you'll find which will make it easier to complete sidequests in the future.
  • Smash Pottery - There's also a fair amount of hacksilver to be found in smashing pottery. If you're struggling to make ends meet then be diligent about going into every nook and cranny on a map and busting up clay pots, tables, etc. Not only will the hacksilver start to add up but the extra time nosing around each level is bound to lead you to a chest or two.

That's all there is to selling artifacts and finding easy hacksilver in God of War . Do you have any other tips for easy money? Let us know in the comments!