Solid Gold 'America' Toilet Once Offered to Donald Trump Will Be Installed at Winston Churchill's Birthplace

A functioning solid gold toilet is set to grace a bathroom in Blenheim Palace in England, the ancestral home and birthplace of late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

According to British newspaper The Guardian, it will sit in a room opposite what's referred to as Churchill's birth room.

The artwork, dubbed "America," previously sat in a public restroom at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. According to the British newspaper, visitors queued for roughly two hours to sit on the golden throne. Around 100,000 people are thought to have used the 18-karat toilet, created by Italian provocateur Maurizio Cattelen, during its time at the museum, The Guardian reported.

Guggenheim chief curator Nancy Spector famously offered the toilet to President Donald Trump, after he asked to borrow a Vincent Van Gogh painting for the White House.

Are you sitting down? Maurizio #Cattelan: "America" opens tomorrow, 9/15, in one of the museum’s public restrooms.

— Guggenheim Museum (@Guggenheim) September 15, 2016

The toilet will be fitted in a visitor bathroom, but it's as yet unclear if any kind of ticketing system will be used. It will form one part of an exhibition of Cattelan's work, slated to run from September 12 to October 27.

"Despite being born with a silver spoon in my mouth I have never had a s***t on a golden toilet, so I look forward to it," said Edward Spencer-Churchill, Blenheim Art Foundation founder and the current Duke of Marlborough's half-brother, per The Guardian. "It will be an installed, working, usable toilet."

Spector called the artwork "a cipher for the excesses of affluence," in a Guggenheim blog post dated August 17, 2017. "Cattelan's 'America' at once humorous and searing in its critique of our current realities. Though crafted from millions of dollars' worth of gold, the sculpture is actually a great leveler. As Cattelan has said, 'Whatever you eat, a two-hundred-dollar lunch or a two-dollar hot dog, the results are the same, toilet-wise'," she continued.

Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in the town of Woodstock, just north of Oxford in south-west England. Still home to the Dukes of Marlborough, much of the lavish palace and grounds is open to the public.

As viewers of 2018's Oscar-winning royal romp The Favourite will know, the grand property was part-funded by Queen Anne. The monarch gifted the land to John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, in the early 1700s as a reward for his military success during the War of Spanish Succession.

Gold Toilet, Trump
A fully functioning solid gold toilet, made by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, is going into public use at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on September 15, 2016. WILLIAM EDWARDS/AFP/Getty Images