Pro-Trump Group and Counter Protesters Clash on Golden Gate Bridge

A pro-Trump group conducting a "Rescue America" march across the Golden Gate Bridge was met by counter protesters in tense scenes on Sunday afternoon.

An organization named "Walk Away" coordinated the rally, one of several scheduled nationwide, declaring that "it's time to take our country back from radical leftists."

Footage from the event showed those involved, many wearing Trump memorabilia and holding signs or flags, walking in unison across the bridge in San Francisco on Sunday.

Organizer Brandon Straka, leading and filming the march, said during a streamed video of the event: "We are here today to rescue San Francisco from the radical left. We are here to rescue America. You take that middle finger and you use it to pull the lever for Trump, November 3!

"We are here to say that we will not allow the radical left to take over America's cities, America's neighborhoods... We are here today to rescue this country."

Straka also shared a video in which someone approached him shouting "F*** Donald Trump" repeatedly, footage of which is embedded below, with others in the group moving him away and telling the man: "This is a peaceful protest, bro."

Straka later posted footage of a cone being thrown at him as he shouted at counter protesters down a megaphone.

#BlackLivesMatter didn’t like it when I told them the truth about themselves today 🤷🏻‍♂️

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) August 31, 2020

My buddy/employee/and sometimes bodyguard @realNickMiles saved me from a deranged leftie today. Never a dull moment!

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) August 31, 2020

This prompted some dispute between both sides, he said.

He told NBC Bay Area: "If we come together in a demonstration to say we're going to stand up for our country and these very same types of people who spent the last three plus months show up who have been destroying our neighborhoods, our cities and our country. Yeah, our side's going to have something to say about it because they're really, really angry."

He tweeted later on that: "It is a lie that 'most on BOTH sides were insulting'. But their side DID throw a cone at me & the SF police-who are TERRIFIC-immediately arrested the protester!! Yes,oh yes, I do so love taking this country back!!"

NBC Bay Area reported that four people were arrested amid the clashes. Footage showed California Highway Patrol detaining people, with video showing one held on the ground.

Newsweek has contacted the march organizers, Golden Gate Bridge Authority and California Highway Patrol for comment.

The event came amid ongoing civil unrest across the nation, with protests in the wake of George Floyd's death and the shooting of Jacob Blake continuing.

There have been scenes of violence amid demonstrations, which Trump and his allies have suggested have been linked to external agitators and blamed upon the radical left.

The president has pushed a law and order message in the wake of incidents, criticizing his opponent Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on this point.

trump sign
A demonstrator holds a sign out of his car window during a MAGA May Day rally in Stream Valley, New York, on May 1, 2020. Other pro-Trump protesters gathered in San Francisco on Sunday. Timoth A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images