Video of Golden Retriever's First Birthday 'Pawty' Melts Hearts

First birthdays are always special occasions—not just for humans. Recently, a video showing a golden retriever's first birthday party has taken Facebook by storm.

Uploaded by an account named Maple Sweet Golden, the video was captioned "My dog's first birthday pawty!" and has received over 25,000 views, more than 1,400 likes and 175 comments.

The one-minute-and-42-seconds-long video features highlights from Maple the golden retriever's first birthday party filled with balloons, bright decorations and dog-friendly treats. According to the post, Maple's animal friends also attended the event, including "Tico the Chihuahua" and "Skunk the guinea pig."

My dog’s first birthday pawty! 🎉 #goldenretriever #birthdaygirl #party #doglife

From what can be seen in the video, Maple and her companions shared a collection of cakes and cupcakes, and even took part in activities that included "bobbing for apples and other treats" inside a large container of water.

As expected, the Facebook post was flooded with congratulatory comments from fellow users.

"What a pawesome birthday party!.. your mom gives the coolest parties. Lucky you Maple," wrote one Facebook user.

"I like that better than [a] kids party. Great job," shared another.

Some users took the opportunity to address the many dog-friendly treats that can be seen throughout the video.

"You had some great presents and really good looking treats. You really went to town on that cake and see your friend helped herself to some of it, too," shared one commenter.

"What a fun party you had, and looks like your buddies had [a lot] of fun and tasty treats too," said another user.

According to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, many cake recipes that claim to be dog-friendly often still include ingredients such as baking powder that are not recommended for dogs. And even cakes created with recipes that are fully designed with dogs in mind should "still only be given to them in small amounts and as an occasional treat, alongside of a well-balanced diet."

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention shared that as per its 2018 survey, an estimated 55.8 percent of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese. The organization also found that "pet owners and veterinary professionals were confused by conflicting pet nutritional advice and continue to struggle to help pets achieve safe and ideal weights."

This wasn't the first time that a dog's lavish lifestyle has gone viral on social media. Newsweek previously reported on a "dogfluencer" who has a bigger wardrobe than his owner and drives around in a mini-Mercedes. Newsweek also wrote about a fussy dog who only eats his food with a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top.

Newsweek reached out to Maple Sweet Golden for comment.

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Golden Retriever wearing a birthday hat
An image showing a Golden Retriever wearing a birthday hat while sitting on the couch next to presents. A Facebook video has gone viral after one pet owner shared how they threw an elaborate birthday party for their Golden Retriever's first birthday. Getty Images