Golden Retriever Puppy Arguing With Archnemesis Fruit has Internet in Stitches

A puppy who started a fight with a piece of fruit has delighted the internet.

The viral video posted on Reddit was shared by Monica (IllustriousRelation8 on Reddit) who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her 10-week-old pup Luna. The hilarious post now has over 12,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Posted with the caption "I think I walked into an argument between our pup and a lemon," the video features the adorable pup barking at the citrus fruit and nudging it with her nose.

Luna's owner Monica told Newsweek: "She argues a lot. Especially when she is hungry and I take too long to prepare her food!"

Commenters on the popular discussion site loved seeing Luna and her archnemesis the lemon. One user wrote "When life gives you a lemon, bark at it," and another said: "Omg so cute!"

One Redditor commented on the adorable pup: "You must have done some wonderful things in your life to deserve a puppy this adorable. Good on you."

Nonprofit animal welfare organization Angels of Assisi actually reported that puppies at 8-10 weeks old go through what is sometimes referred to as the "fear period." It said: "The puppy is especially impressionable now. Object associations formed during this period leave indelible imprints. It's vital that the puppy have as many positive experiences with people, other animals, and novel situations as can be arranged."

During these important formative weeks and months for growing puppies, it is important that they explore as much as possible about the world around them and interact with objects and people—often testing boundaries and learning from experiences.

Some Redditors suggested that the pup may think the piece of fruit was a particularly interesting toy ball. One user wrote: "Is ball, why taste funny?! Is wrong!"

While another said: "I'm waiting for her to eat it and taste it. I wanna see how she reacts."

But the golden retriever stopped short of a taste test, owner Monica said: "After 10 minutes of barking she got bored and rushed off to go and bite something else.

"I don't know if she made peace with it. It is more of a case of having a short attention span."

Luna isn't the only pup to have had a run-in with a lemon, back in September, a dog's hilarious reaction to a lemon was watched over 26 million times.

In fact, Reddit even has its own special space for pups that are fans of citrus fruit, called r/Citrusdogs it has around 7,500 members who all get a kick out of seeing hilarious canine reactions to lemons (and occasionally some limes).

Luna and Lemon
Luna the dog barking at a lemon in the garden. A viral video of the 10-week-old puppy and a lemon has left the internet in stitches. IllustriousRelation8/Reddit