Golden Retriever With Custom Prosthetic Leg Melts Hearts Online

One dog's happy expression after receiving a new prosthetic leg has melted hearts online after a picture of him went viral.

Turbo the dog delighted the internet when a post was shared on Reddit on Wednesday by user boobglow. The picture now has over 18,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Turbo suffered a traumatic injury at just 2 weeks old, which resulted in him needing a prosthetic leg.

He had his procedure at A Loyal Companion Mobility and Swim Center in Tucson. Kate Titus—who took the picture of Turbo at the clinic—told Newsweek: "We haven't spoken to Turbo for a few months but we're hoping for the best. Turbo had some other challenges in the limb that would make the adjustment period a bit longer—and he's an 18-month-old Golden Retriever, so you know they take things at their own speed!"

The innovative solution was provided by OrthoPets—a company that has been manufacturing custom orthotic and prosthetic devices for animals for over 10 years. Based in Denver, Colorado, the team of specialists works with all kinds of animals to offer them a new lease of life.

"My goodness, such a good boy," wrote one Reddit user on the viral post. Another said: "He deserves the world I'm so happy for him!"

Turbo's smiling expression has captured hearts as he shows off his new leg. One Redditor said: "His face looks like someone told him you can barely notice it and he really wants to believe them." Another comment wrote: "He looks so happy."

A 2020 study by Tripawds, a community network of amputee pet blogs and discussion forums, reported that the most common reason for a dog to lose a limb was cancer, followed by an accident. Over 70 percent of those surveyed reported that their canine friend's adaptation to amputation was "great" and more than 95 percent of owners said that if they were given the choice again today, they would choose amputation again for their pets.

OrthoPets told Newsweek: "OrthoPets proves that there are great solutions for animals that can get them back to all fours. Plus, we have alternative solutions to surgery in older dogs, providing support for full limbs that need it."

Talking about the now-viral picture, Titus said: "He looks like he's ready to cause some serious mischief," she said that she hopes the image will show people that animals with prosthetics "can be just as able to get into trouble and enjoy life as any other dog."

One commenter on the post joked: "If you ask him to give the paw, which one will he give you? The prosthetic or the other one?"

Turbo the dog
The adorable picture of Golden Retriever Turbo after receiving his prosthetic leg. The picture has delighted internet users. OrthoPets-VOP/Reddit