Golden Retriever's Joyous Reunion With Brother After Months Apart Goes Viral Online

A video of a golden retriever's ecstatic reunion with his brother has been melting many hearts online, having been watched by a whopping 6.8 million people.

In the footage, posted to TikTok by a creator called Lindahere, we can see a dog bounding out of a door and across a park.

Text overlaying the clip explains: "My dog hasn't seen his brother in months. Wait for it..."

The camera then zooms into show another golden retriever also running towards the dog, followed by a man.

Clearly thrilled to see each other again, the two pets then jump up and down, and run around in circles play-fighting and wagging their tails.

The heartwarming video, which can be viewed here, is captioned with a yellow love-heart emoji and the words: "Best friends #fyp #montero #bekind #thebaby #dog."

Since it was posted on September 18, the tear-jerking clip has amassed more than 870,100 likes.

Additionally, more than 3,700 people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, Andrew/Tyler, wrote: "I thought you were going to run straight into each other."

Another person, No Bio, added: "Golden retrievers are the best dogs."

Chilie revealed: "I though they were going to crash into each other but the dog really said swerve."

Satan's Brother typed: "All I can hear is "HI HI HI HI HI HEYO HELLO HEY HI HI HELYO."

Noticed 0x revealed: "Omg this med me laugh so so much ahahahhah," alongside a sting of laughing-face emojis.

User47291828474 gushed: "Oh my god this is so so so cute."

An account by the name of User7115265060497 shared: "This makes me so sad because my dog had a brother and they used to see each other all the time but we found out he passed away after being hit by a car."

Simp4alex32 commented: "Oh my god the most cute thing I have ever seen."

Recently, another video of a golden retriever went viral, but this animal appeared somewhat less than friendly.

The footage, shared to TikTok on June 23 by Meshally07, begins by showing one dog siiting in the front seat of a silver car looking happy and approachable.

The camera then pans to an older-looking golden retriever perched on the back seat whose eyes are narrowed in a menacing stare in the camera operator's direction.

Text overlaying the funny video reads: "The chances of being killed by a Golden Retriever are low.... But not zero."

A Golden Retriever running in a field
A stock image of a golden retriever running in a field. On TikTok, a similar-looking dog was thrilled to be reunited with his brother. Getty Images

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