Golden Retriever Refusing To Get Out of Bed Is 'Cuteness Overload'

A video of a golden retriever being reluctant to get out of bed has gone viral on TikTok, having attracted more than 3.6 million views.

In the footage, shared to the app by an account called Kayvlas, we can see the adorable puppy lying under a crisp white duvet in a double bed.

The pet, whose name is Luna, is relaxing with her fluffy head on the pillow as the camera operator approaches to move the sheet aside.

The video is set to an audio clip of a man saying: "Wakey! Wakey, wakey! It's time for school. Come on. Wake up, it's time for school. Come on man!"

The puppy then wriggles around, attempting to nibble at the person's hand as if telling them to leave her alone.

The video is made all the more hilarious by the animal's blatant reluctance to move from her comfy resting spot.

Kayvlas has captioned the funny video, which can be watched here, writing: "Luna [crescent-moon emoji] #dogsofttiktok #puppylove #goldenretriever #puppylove #fyp #viral."

The footage has gained lots of traction since it was posted on December 17, 2021, having attracted more than 544,700 likes and 24,300 shares.

Many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the puppy's adorable behavior.

One TikTok user, Kate S245, wrote: "Cuteness overload," alongside a heart-eyed emoji.

Another person, Ashley, added: "No wakey wakey back to sleepy sleepy [laughing-face emoji]

Julie_3467 gushed: "OMG [oh my god] my goldens name is Luna too and she gets puppies."

Minnie shared: ""Time to school" is the worst phrase to hear in the morning."

Me stated: "I can't move coz it's SO FRICKING CUTE," and added 4 smiley-face emojis.

Bili commented: "My dog is the same way."

The_car_lover remarked: "Aww the dogs so small"

Fidgets asked: "Is that dog up for adoption."

Newsweek has contacted Kayvlas for comment.

Another pooch also recently went viral on TikTok due to his dislike of being woken up in the morning.

Pet owner Lisa Mattuchio documents her daily battle to wake up 8-year-old Yorkie-mix Eddie on her popular account @eddieonwheels.

In one funny video, Mattuchio slowly approaches her pet to peel back the blanket he is under.

"Eddie, come on, bud, it's been about 10 minutes, come on," she says

This prompts the feisty pet to begin growling, clearly annoyed at being roused from his slumber. Mattuchio gently lifts the dog until he is sitting upright and the snarling eventually subsides.

Golden Retriever
A stock image of golden retriever asleep. On TikTok a puppy went viral for her refusal to get out of bed. iStock

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