Golden Retriever's Reaction to Seeing Cartoon Dog on TV Is Melting Hearts Online

Watching cartoons is a classic way for children to unwind, but who knew that dogs could enjoy them too?

In a viral video shared to TikTok by a woman called Jade, known on the app as Charliethegoldensmom, we can see a golden retriever leaning over the arm of a sofa.

The pet, whose name is Charlie, is staring intently across the room, as Jade's voice can be heard asking: "Are you watching cartoons?"

The camera then pans across to show the large flat screen television on the wall is playing the end of the theme song to Dug Days, an animated series featuring a canine that could very well be a golden retriever too.

As the furry protagonist appears on screen, Charlie begins barking enthusiastically and wagging his tail in glee.

The adorable footage, which can be watched here, has gained lots of traction since it was posted on October 14, having been watched by more than 805,100 people and liked over 138,800 times.

Many people have also flooded the comments section with observations and opinions on the adorable scene.

One TikTok user, Chanty_B22, wrote: "It's the little bark at the end!! Clever, gorgeous boy!"

Another person, User1573293266792, added: "Hehe he even sits like a kid would to watch it."

Brock Knudsen joked: "This is why representation in the media is so important."

Hkerstie admitted: "This video will forever live rent free in my head."

Amiekgelling typed: "I love Dug! My Labrador's favorite movie, that will instantly calm him, is Finding Dory."

Hailey Raee revealed: "My dog does the same thing I swear they made it for them."

Lauren Butler gushed: "This is the cutest thing I've ever seen."

Sharon Mullin observed: "He even hangs over the side of the couch, just like a kid playing and getting side tracked."

Marilyn B commented: "OMG this is too cute my fur granddaughter loves to watch this show."

Another golden retriever who recently went viral enjoys mimicking the sound of nearby fire engines and belongs to a woman named Hannah West.

Rigby lives with his owner near a fire station and West captioned the video of her dog howling, explaining: "The moment I realized living down the street from the fire station might be a problem."

The clip has been viewed 1.1 million times and in an interview with Newsweek, West said: "Rigby has a lot of personality, I'm thrilled I got to share a little bit of him with the rest of internet.

"We are going to have to reach out to the local fire station and see if their biggest fan can come for a visit!"

golden retriever on sofa
A stock image of a golden retriever lying on a sofa. A similar-looking pet has gone viral due to his adorable reaction to spotting a cartoon dog on screen. iStock