Golden Retrievers 'Swimming' Through Thick Snow Have Internet in Stitches

A video of two golden retrievers "swimming" through thick snow has gone viral online, having attracted more than 13.2 million views.

In the footage, which was shared to TikTok by an account called Misssarahalyssa, we can see that snowfall has blocked over half of the doorway, making it impossible to walk outside.

Two dogs are jumping up and down, perplexed, as a woman can be heard laughing as she says: "Okay go ahead. Okay go ahead. Pluto are you going to eat your way out?"

She then throws a dog toy out the door, which immediately disappears into the roughly meter-deep snow, shouting "okay, go get it."

One pooch begins scratching at the wall of snow and barking, then the other starts digging. However, this makes slow progress so the animals then hilariously begin leaping into the snow as it crumbles beneath.

They travel straight through it by bouncing up and down, and it appears as though they are swimming though the cold white mass.

Misssarahalyssa captioned the humorous footage, which can be watched here, writing: "In honor of our first snow: the original Olympic Snow Swimmers #fyp #dogs #goldenretriever #snow #snowstorm #dogsofttiktok."


In honor of our first snow: the original Olympic Snow Swimmers 🐾 🐾 #fyp #dogs #goldenretriever #snow #snowstorm #dogsofttiktok

♬ original sound - Sarah Alyssa

The clip has gained lots of traction online, having surpassed 2.2 million likes and more than 37,800 shares.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny clip.

One TikTok user, Sharon, wrote: "He's like 'mom all of my instincts tell me to retrieve why u do that.'"

Another person, Deanna_jb, added: "I love how they both kept looking back at you like 'mom I don't get it.'"

Shelly typed: "Omg! Where is this? I would be in shock to open my door to that much snow. We shut down Texas for flurries!"

Destiny Marie shared: "I got all mad when you threw the donut cuz like... how's he gonna find it."

Dan commented: "That door not being open all the way bugged me so much."

Zara D asked: "FIRST snow?! This is what you START with?!"

Shawn Bodiam asked: "Anyone else get frustrated that she didn't just fully open the door to give the other dog space?"

Rachel Anaya remarked: "So my golden retriever doesn't need a coat in 50 degree weather? Good to know."

Parkin'Spot revealed: "Dads watching this with the furnace going be like 'I'm never going to financially recover from this.'"

Recently another golden retriever video went viral online, this time capturing the adorable moment a dog befriended a window cleaner.

In the clip, which was shared to TikTok by an account called Pawbrey, we can see the large fluffy dog standing in the living room of an apartment as a man on a harness lowers himself into view.

The pet then excitedly barks and leaps up wagging her tail, before then collecting a fish-shaped toy to offer her new friend.

Golden Retriever in snow
A stock image of a golden retriever covered in snow. On TikTok a video shows two similar-looking dogs "swimming" through thick snow. iStock