Goldendoodle Listening to Baby Kick in Womb Melts Hearts: 'The Cuteness'

A goldendoodle dog has melted hearts across the internet after showing off his care and affection for his owner's unborn baby.

The now-viral TikTok video, shared on March 7 by @KaiaCissell1, has been liked by over 78,000 users and commented on more than 100 times. The sensitive pup can be seen sitting closely beside his heavily pregnant owner and listening out for her baby to kick.

When he notices that the baby is kicking, the goldendoodle rests his head on his owner's pregnant belly. It is a sign of love for the child the family is expecting. The dog's owner, Kaia Cissell, aptly captioned the video: "My hormones can't take the cuteness."

Stock image of a dog sniffing a newborn baby. In the TikTok video, the goldendoodle can be seen resting his head on his owner's pregnant belly. Getty Images

A 2021 survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners was commissioned by pet food brand I and love and you and conducted by OnePoll. Forty-two percent of respondents said they had gotten their pet as a "starter child," while 61 percent replied that they consider their pet to be their kid.

Many of the amused TikTok users commenting under the post shared that they couldn't relate to how calm the goldendoodle was being around his pregnant owner.

"My dog jumped on my belly like there's nothing," one user wrote.

"My oldest dog told me I was pregnant both times," another added.

How Can You Introduce Your Dog to Your Newborn Baby?

While they differ dependent on their breed, dogs are generally protective over their family members. However, they can have a difficult time adapting to new babies at home.

Dogs are creatures of habit and gain a sense of confidence and security from having a stable routine and knowing what to expect at certain times of the day. The charity DogsTrust writes that, even if canines are thoroughly prepared for or used to change, pups may still struggle to adjust to new babies and the challenges that they bring.

Newborn-caused disruptions to their routine can appear to dogs as if they are receiving less attention than usual, with their owners snowed under with the demands of parenthood. Dogs used only to the sound of their own barks may also struggle to adapt to hearing the new baby cry.

The charity recommends that owners expecting a new child begin preparing their pup for the change as soon as possible, like leaving the dog alone for longer periods of time.

The benefit of beginning preparations early is that the owner can then move at their dog's anxious and hesitant pace. This is as opposed to throwing them in at the deep end on the day the baby is due to arrive home from the maternity ward.

Preparations aside, animal welfare charity Blue Cross writes that the best time for a pup and a newborn to get acquainted is after the dog is tired from walking or playing.

The charity also advises owners to greet their dogs first and without the baby present. This is in case the pets unleash their usual excitement at them coming home on the newborn.

For a smooth introduction, Blue Cross also advises that the baby should be introduced to the dog in a quiet and neutral room, not the one that they usually eat or sleep in, to save them from getting territorial.

Owners are encouraged to associate their newborn's presence with positivity, and to praise their dogs for displaying good behavior after they meet.

"The first interaction should be under control, with the baby being held in a parent's arms and the dog allowed to sniff the child. The dog will appear interested for a few seconds and will then lose interest. When they back away, you should praise them and give them a treat," the Blue Cross charity adds.

Newsweek reached out to @KaiaCissell1 for comment via Instagram.

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