Why Is Osvaldo Benavides Leaving 'The Good Doctor'?

Osvaldo Benavides may have only just been made a series regular in The Good Doctor Season 5, but his exit has reportedly already been determined.

The actor joined the ABC medical drama this year with a guest role in Season 4, and his character Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma is currently appearing on a more regular basis in the latest outing.

Despite this, TVLine reported that the actor is already set to depart the show and an exit storyline has been planned for his character.

Why Is Osvaldo Benavides Leaving?

Benavides first appeared on The Good Doctor during the Season 4 finale, which aired in two parts, on May 31 and June 7, earlier this year.

Set in Guatemala, the episode saw Dr. Osma and Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) get kidnapped by a family, and the pair bonded with each other while helping the aforementioned family deliver a baby.

Osma and Lim became romantically involved and the finale ended with the latter deciding to remain in Guatemala and join the hospital there.

TVLine has claimed that details of Dr. Osma's departure, and when it will take place, are being kept a closely guarded secret.

Newsweek has contacted ABC spokespeople and Benavides' representatives for further comment.

How Will Osvaldo Benavides' Character Be Written Out?

In Season 5, Dr. Osma is able to travel to America after his charges for marijuana possession were dropped, and he arrives in San Jose to pursue a relationship with Dr. Lim as well as a new career at St. Bonaventure.

He has only joined the hospital on a probationary basis, though, and it's unclear how he might be written out of the show.

Executive producer David Shore previously spoke to TVLine about Benavides' Dr. Osma, and said that his past will "cast a shadow" on his medical career.

Shore explained: "In terms of his training, he is a fairly senior doctor. But because of his past, because of his history, he is going to have to learn to swallow his pride a little bit."

Benavides isn't the first person to leave the show shortly after being promoted to a series regular. Jasika Nicole exited in Season 3 when her character Dr. Carly Lever was written out.

Chuku Modu and Beau Garrett left the show after the first season, while Tamlyn Tomita also departed in Season 2.

The Good Doctor Season 5 airs every Monday on ABC at 10pm ET.

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Osvaldo Benavides and Christina Chang in "The Good Doctor." ABC