Good Hair Week: The Week Ahead

We've got big plans for Good Hair Week, both on the blog and on the main site. Keep checking back for new content on the science and sociology of our hair. While we have a few surprises in store, here's what you can expect this week:


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Sometimes beautiful hair comes at an ugly price. We go undercover into the seedy world of professional hair models and hear stories about the worst clients in upscale salons.


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The Straight Truth: Curly hair is the bane of some women's existence. Raina Kelley is one of those women. She'll chronicle her quest for soft, straight hair and spill the secrets of the most buzzed-about hair treatment on the market.


Good Hair Is a Science: We go into the technology behind good hair. What do you really need to put on your hair to make it look good—and what can your hair tell you about your health?


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Good Hair Goes Hollywood: We feature an extended interview with Chris Rock about his new film and investigate the larger political and cultural meanings behind some of the worst hair in Hollywood.

And of course, all week we'll be sharing your stories and photos of good and bad hair. Don't forget to submit them to

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