'The Good Place' Season 4 Spoilers: Eleanor the Architect Helps Neighborhood Newcomers

The return of The Good Place for Season 4 marks the beginning of the end for the NBC comedy series––but before fans say goodbye to their favorite hellish characters, they'll be introduced to a few new faces first.

NBC released a first look at the upcoming final season on Friday, teasing a newcomer to the Good Place neighborhood. The new arrival to the neighborhood will give Eleanor—played by Golden Globe nominee Kristen Bell—the opportunity to really flex her muscles as the new Good Place architect.

Eleanor Falls Into her New Role in 'The Good Place' Season 4 Spoiler
Kristen Bell appears as Eleanor in "The Good Place." Season 4 of the NBC show premieres on September 26, 2019. Andrew Eccles/NBC

Fans may recall Eleanor stepping into the position during the Season 3 finale. When the show returns, she'll use her new role to shape the future of the purgatory paradise just like Michael (Ted Danson) taught her—starting with changing her wardrobe. Eleanor's cozy sweaters and casual attire gets sent to the back of her closet as she appears in the Season 4 sneak peek all buttoned up in a suit while showing a neighborhood newbie named Linda the ropes.

For a professional guide like Eleanor, teaching Linda everything she needs to know about her new home is an easy feat, especially when she can just summon Janet. "If you want anything at all, Janet can bring it to you," she says in the clip before asking Janet to deliver her a "baby elephant made of pure light that tells you true secrets about the universe."

Janet obliges and zaps Eleanor a radiant baby elephant who quips, "Shirley Temple killed JFK."

It's unclear what impact Linda's addition to the community will have, but if the Season 3 finale was any indication, then fans should expect the new old lady on the block to have some kind of interesting connection to one of The Good Place characters. Tahani (Jameela Jamil) experienced a few particularly dramatic moments the last time newly deceased humans arrived to neighborhood. Chidi's historical love links to a neighborhood newbie also brought about some memory-altering changes too.

Showrunners have refrained from sharing too many details about the fourth and final season of The Good Place. However, the ending of the story won't come without fans receiving a few more life gems that may inspire them to be better individuals.

Speaking with Collider recently, Bell said the final season will be an emotional one but noted it was designed to help viewers understand the beauty within life's ups and downs.

"The emotional moments, the sequence of events, and the journey that we take people on – with people's failures, Jason's absurd antics, Eleanor's selfishness, Tahani's pretentiousness, and their failings and successes – it creates this connective tissue because people are allowed to see, 'Oh, I've failed like that before. Oh, I've made that decision.' The whole goal of the show was to connect to the audience and say, 'Hey, there's all sorts of people in the world. There's not one way to be right. There are a thousand ways. Let's discuss,'" Bell said.

The Good Place returns to NBC with Season 4 on September 26.