Good Samaritan Leaves Every Employee in Restaurant a $100 Tip Then Vanishes

A Good Samaritan has been praised online after they left a $100 tip for every employee in a restaurant, then promptly vanished.

The chef at the eatery took to Reddit to thank the mystery person, as she shared a snap of a letter they handed out along with the cash.

Fun_Sized_Momo uploaded the photo to the site's Humans Being Bros forum on Tuesday, where it's already amassed more than 44,000 upvotes.

She said: "I'm a cook in a restaurant. Someone came in and gave these to the hostess and told her to give them to every employee and then immediately left.

"I didn't even get to thank the person because they were already gone. Thank you so much!"

The chef added the anonymous tipper handed out "completely blank" envelopes.

"I thought it was some piece of legal document us employees needed to sign or something," she added.

The typed writing says: "I need a favor from you. Will you help me?

"This is the favor. 1. If you are in need this Christmas season, please take this and get something for you or a loved one that you would not normally get!

"If you are not in need, please give it to someone that's in need.

"2. Promise yourself that you will help someone out (in any way, big or small) you don't know next Christmas.

"If you know me, forget my face. If you do know me, forget my name."

And it was signed off with a bible quote, saying: "Samaritan: From the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.30-37: a person who is generous in helping those in distress.

"Thank you for being my Samaritan and Merry Christmas."

Numerous people praised the mysterious donator, dubbing them the real Father Christmas.

Georgiaspaniel commented: "That's the correct way to give—without seeking praise."

Humdrum_humphrey wrote: "Ladies and gentlemen, the real Santa Claus."

Lonely-Phone5141 thought: "This is a beautiful side of religion."

NASATVENGINNER raved: "What a great idea!!!!"

While D3V1LSHARK commented: "Faith in humanity.......restored!"

And BJntheRV said: "My sentiments exactly. This is the kind of secret Santa I want to see more of."

While the cook didn't specify where they're based, there's been reports of secret "santa" groups tipping servers up to $3,000 in recent weeks.

Earlier this month a group tipped an IHOP waitress $1,900 in Virginia after each member contributed $100, KHOUreported.

They shared a clip to Facebook, showing the server, Rosa, receiving the tip.

Meanwhile, a group called the "Breakfast Santas" left a waitress a $3,000 tip at Roosters, in Ohio, local TV station WHIO reported.

While waitress Yoshimi Gonzalez, at Salsa Leedos in Riverton, Utah, was handed $1,700 by a group having their annual Christmas party at the venue, Fox 13 stated.

Other high tips to hit the headlines recently include a $2,200 tip to waitress Ashley Sadler at the Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant in Ocean Springs, WLOX reported.

Newsweek reached out to Fun_Sized_Momo for comment.

File photo of envelope of money.
File photo of an envelope of money. A cook thanked a Good Samaritan who left all the staff a $100 each. Nikita KOZACHEVSKYI/Getty Images