Google Classifies Conservative Content as Pornography, Claims Fox News Guest Dennis Prager

The founder of Prager University, an unaccredited conservative media organization, appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday claiming Google equates conservative video content to pornography.

Right-wing radio host Dennis Prager appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning just hours before he is set to accuse Google of political bias in testimony before members of Congress in Washington. Prager claims the Silicon Valley tech giants, but specifically Google, are gaming their algorithms against conservative content. He said dozens of PragerU's 5-minute videos on topics ranging from Abraham Lincoln to the founding of Israel have been banned by the search giant and YouTube parent company as "pornography." Prager claimed the group's 300-plus videos get more than one billion views annually, but that about 60 of the wide variety of right-wing, historical videos are on Google's "restricted" list.

"That means, if you block pornography you cannot see a discussion of Lincoln's address at Gettysburg," Prager told the Fox & Friends hosts Tuesday morning as an example of a topic in which he will testify. "It's beyond belief."

"Google classifies that as porno?" co-host Steve Doocy asked.

"Yes, yes, that is correct," Prager said. "Why?" replied a stunned Ainsley Earhardt.

"Because we're conservative," Prager replied.

Prager University is not an accredited academic institution and offers no diplomas or certifications. It is, despite its name, a non-profit organization that creates frequently provocative political videos and advertisements from a conservative viewpoint.

Prager said a video describing how "human beings are even more precious than animals" was also placed on Google's restricted list. "If you block pornography in your home you can't see my video on why human life is precious. I'm not even talking about abortion, although that obviously should be allowed as well," he said.

Another video featuring Fox News contributor Alan Dershowitz on the founding of Israel is also on the restricted list, Prager added.

The 70-year-old Prager discussed freedom of speech more broadly, saying he is old enough to remember when "liberals were defending real Nazis," citing the Supreme Court ruling between the heavily Jewish Illinois village of Skokie and the National Socialist Party of America in the 1970s. Prager said the U.S. is currently engaged in a "non-violent civil war ... between the left and the rest of the country."

"Liberals and the left have almost nothing in common but liberals are cowed by the left and that's the tragedy," he noted.

Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade both predicted how they think this week's Big Tech "conservative bias" hearings will go, with Kilmeade warning Prager they're bringing out the "big guns" in terms of legal teams. Doocy predicted, "You know what they're going to say: the algorithm."

"That's fine, then you have a terrible algorithm, I mean that is hilarious," Prager replied. He then compared that defense to the driver of an automatic transmission vehicle running over children and blaming the car. "It's an absurdity if they say it's the algorithm, they created the algorithm let them reveal the algorithm to the public."

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The founder of the conservative, unaccredited Prager University organization appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday claiming Google equates conservative video content to pornography. Screenshot: Fox News