How to Play Snake in Google Maps App, Online for April Fools' Day 2019

how to google snake
Google integrated the game Snake into maps for the week of April Fool's. Google

While some were focused on pranks for April Fools' Day, Google added a classic game to the maps navigation app.

The addition allowed users to play Snake in famed cities across the world and would be available for the week to come for anyone looking to play. It would also be available online in a web browser after the week it was available in the maps app was over.

The game is available on iOS and Android devices and started to roll out to users on Monday. "Google Maps shows you how to get around on foot, car, train and bicycle, and now, you can ssslither to your destination too. Starting today, you can play a twist on the snake game in different locations across the world," said Google.

How to Play Snake in Google Maps:

The first step to being able to play snake in Google maps is downloading the latest version of the app that includes the game. Users should make sure the app is up to date with and they can find the latest version of the app either in Google Play or in the App Store.

Once users have the latest version downloaded they should also be sure that they're signed in to the app as well with their Google account. Once they've done that playing the game is easy.

Users should open the app and choose the menu button from the upper left corner and then scroll down and select "Play Snake." The option is below the navigation options in the app. "Navigate different cities around the world in this rendition of the classic arcade game Snake," say the directions in the app. Once a user hits "play" they'll be presented the option to choose which city to play in. Cairo, San Francisco, London and Tokyo are all options in the app, or the user can choose to play all over the entire world.

There is also an online standalone version of the game. In this version users also have to choose which city to play in as their destination. The goal of the game is to pick up as many passengers as possible without running off of the map and without colliding with their own vehicle which is a train.

Other items pop up on the map that allow users to gather more points while playing the game, in London users can pick up fish and chips for an additional five points in the game.

Look who's back with its trail up?
Your favourite arcade game. Hop on aboard the 🐍🚆with #GoogleMapsSnake:

— Google India (@GoogleIndia) April 1, 2019