GOP Congressman Says Bloomberg is Running Because Eventually 'Socialists Run Out of Other People's Money'

A North Carolina GOP congressman and radio host each expressed awe at billionaire Michael Bloomberg's seeming ability to do "whatever he wants" in order to buy the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Republican congressman Dan Bishop, who will ride in the motorcade to Monday's Charlotte rally alongside President Donald Trump, said the Democratic presidential candidates are "fundamentally conflicted" and won't be able to resolve their differences.

Speaking with Charlotte's WBT-Radio Morning News with Bo Thompson Monday morning, Bishop joked about Bloomberg's ability to stubbornly outlast Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden because he's willing to spend billions of his own money. The radio host and the congressman observed that Bloomberg's campaign can simply outlast the financial needs of every other Democratic candidate.

The pair's discussion of the billionaire former New York City mayor "buying" the Democratic primary has been floated by a bipartisan cast of figures ranging from left-leaning news outlets to Trump himself.

"Bloomberg can hang around as long as he wants because his pockets are so deep that he can really do whatever he wants in this, and that is an unusual factor among those other two," host Thompson said of Bloomberg's comparatively infinite financial firepower against Sanders and Biden's traditional fundraising.

"Bloomberg's situation, you know they talk about 'socialists sooner or later run out of other people's money,' but Bloomberg says 'hold my beer,'" Bishop said, prompting laughter between he and Thompson. "He's got to run out of his own money, and the way he's spending it, he can go for awhile, you are right."

Bishop said that regardless of Bloomberg's personal spending power, there is a "real fundamental split" in the party "and I don't think they can resolve it" in time to defeat Trump in November.

"[You've got] Sanders going around with his nostalgia for communist dictators of the 20th Century and Biden who is just sort of stuck in the last administration's nostalgia," the GOP congressman said, referencing recent comments the two have made regarding Fidel Castro and former President Barack Obama, respectively.

Bishop praised Trump's trend of holding large rallies just days ahead of Democratic primary contests, which North Carolina voters will do in Super Tuesday elections across 14 states on March 3. "There's no really big major race that he's necessarily stumping for," Thompson noted.

"This is just classic Trump, we've often seen the party's that in power, in fact almost always, just sort of sit back still while the challenging party goes through their presidential primary process - but not Donald Trump," Bishop said. "He's been out in each of the primary states as they have them, like the evening before, doing what Donald Trump does: which is bring his focus to things and to respond to what they are saying. And it's quite a spectacle."

Bishop referred to [Bernie] Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg as the "three B's," who he quipped are all so old it makes him "feel like a spring chicken" in his mid-50s.

Trump stumped for Bishop's successful congressional campaign in September of last year, appearing in Fayeteville, North Carolina to offer his support to the Republican at another "Keep America Great" rally.

Bishop did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment before publication.

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"Hold my beer": A North Carolina radio host and GOP congressman expressed awe at billionaire Michael Bloomberg's ability to do "whatever he wants" to buy the Democratic nomination. JIM WATSON / AFP/Getty Images
GOP Congressman Says Bloomberg is Running Because Eventually 'Socialists Run Out of Other People's Money' | Politics