GOP Representative: I'd Call My Female Colleagues 'Eye Candy' If It Wasn't Sexist

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina (above) responded to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address on January 13, 2016. YouTube/Representative Mark Walker

The chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) on Tuesday described a group of his female colleagues as “eye candy.”

Representative Mark Walker of North Carolina made such comment during a press conference in Washington, in which he attempted to discuss the agenda of the RSC but instead drew attention to himself for all the wrong reasons.

"The accomplished men and women of the RSC. And women. If it wasn’t sexist, I would say the RSC eye candy, but we'll leave that out of the record, are not attention seekers," Walker said.

After having been criticized for making sexist remarks, Walker issued a statement several hours after the press conference apologizing for what he said. 

“During a press event today, I made a flippant remark meant to be light-hearted but fell short. I'm proud of the women who serve in our RSC leadership,” Walker's statement said.

Sharing his original ‘eye candy’ comment on social media, Twitter users highlighted the sexist remark.

“NC GOP's Congressman Mark Walker ladies & gents. Disgusting comment, but what do you expect? Who's running against this man in 2018? ‪#ncpol,” one Twitter user wrote on Tuesday.

The Trump administration has also faced accusations of sexism on previous occasions. A report by the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century found that 80 percent of appointments for top jobs had been offered to men since Donald Trump took office, according to The Guardian

Of the 408 nominees for top jobs that Trump sent to the Senate for approval, 327 were men and 80 were women, the report indicated. Also, the president chose only a small number of women and non-white people for cabinet roles, despite his insistence that he is a champion of women in the workplace.

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