GOP Rep Says 'Impeachable Conduct' May Be on Hunter Biden Laptop, Requests DOJ Probe

Colorado GOP congressman Ken Buck says America can't "move forward" with a Joe Biden presidency unless the Justice Department appoints a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden's laptop.

Buck told a Michigan-based radio host this week that the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop, which is currently in the FBI's possession, could uncover "impeachable conduct." The Colorado Republican penned a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr Monday urging the DOJ to appoint a special counsel similar to Robert Mueller's probe of President Donald Trump to investigate Biden's alleged business dealings in Ukraine. Buck said then-Vice President Biden's consent or knowledge of his son's alleged dealings with energy group Burisma is the allegation that requires a special counsel investigation.

Buck's claim about lingering GOP questions over the laptop aside, he still maintains that Joe Biden may not have won the November 3 presidential election—a false suggestion repeated by Trump himself.

"The special counsel has authority to investigate and is given independent resources, and I think, in this case, the subject matter [Biden's laptop held by the FBI] is absolutely significant and important for the American people to get to the bottom of," Buck told The Kyle Olson Show in an interview set to air Saturday.

"It's actually impeachable conduct if the vice president at the time knew his son was selling his authority and access," Buck continued. "It's an issue that is going to cloud the Biden presidency if in fact Joe Biden is formally sworn in as president, and I think in order for America to move forward it makes sense for America to clear up this matter."

Buck's letter calling for Barr to appoint a special counsel comes just days after the attorney general publicly appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut as special counsel to investigate the origins of the Russia probe into the Trump administration. As Fox News reported Monday, Barr stated that Durham is "authorized to investigate whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violates the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence or law enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns...and the administration of Donald J. Trump."

Just hours after calling for an official investigation, Buck claimed without evidence that he somehow knows the younger Biden's Ukraine dealings did likely occur when his father was vice president.

"I don't think it's just an allegation. I think it's quite clear that all of those things happened. The allegation is really just whether the vice president knew about it, consented to it, and participated in it," Buck told the Michigan radio host this week.

Despite Buck's unfounded claim that Biden's laptop may uncover "impeachable conduct" from his father, he hasn't always been so quick to throw around such accusations. During a November 2019 impeachment hearing of Trump, Buck declared "it's not impeachable" to request foreign investigation of a political rival. Unlike his views toward the Bidens this week, Buck claimed last year that Trump's alleged quid pro quo in Ukraine wasn't impeachable unless the exchange itself rose to the level of a criminal act.

Newsweek reached out to both Buck's office and the Biden transition team for additional remarks Tuesday evening.

colorado congressman ken buck trump
Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) shakes hands with President Donald Trump during a rally on February 20 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This week he said "impeachable conduct" may be on a Hunter Biden laptop and requested a DOJ probe. MICHAEL CIAGLO / Stringer/Getty Images