GOP Strategist Slams Stephen Miller, Says: 'Maybe Someday He'll Have a Relationship With a Live Human Woman'

Republican strategist and regular cable news talking head Rick Wilson has made a shock personal attack on senior White House aide Stephen Miller, saying that "maybe one day he'll have a relationship with a live human woman."

Wilson made the statements on Chris Hayes' MSNBC show All in With Chris Hayes, commenting on White House immigration policy. The host could be heard to say "Well, I don't know if that has anything to do with it", in response to Wilson's aspersions on Miller's personal life.

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"There's, to me, the pernicious fingerprints of Stephen Miller on this in the way that he is opposed... he wants to reduce immigration, unauthorized, authorized, legal, in every possible way, because he has concerns about the demographic integrity of the current majority of the country, and that's fundamentally what's driving this," Hayes said.

"There's something deeply wrong with Stephen Miller… and maybe someday, he'll have a relationship with a live human woman," he added.

According to Mediaite, Wilson went on to call Stephen Miller a "dark figure," blaming the 33-year-old for the current impasse over President Donald Trump's border wall and the ongoing standoff that has resulted in the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The GOP strategist said the senior aide consistently "wrecks Trump's idea that Trump is this master negotiator."

"We have The Shart of the Deal every day, where this thing goes crazy and off the rails every time Trump speaks about it, it gets less likely he's going to get what he wants," Wilson said, speaking more directly on the issue of the government shutdown. "At this point the motivations for the Democrats to compromise are basically zero," he added.

Miller, who in the initial months of the Trump presidency was aligned with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, has been a consummate survivor in a quickly changing administration with a seemingly endless staff turnover. Miller has used his position to advance a strongly anti-immigrant agenda.

In December, Miller said in a CBS interview that the funding of the border wall on the southern frontier with Mexico was a "fundamental issue." He added that the outcome on the wall would ultimately decide "whether the United States remains a sovereign country," The Guardian reported.