Gordon Ramsay Calls Drive-Thru Worker 'Idiot Sandwich' After Being Served Microwaved Bacon

Gordon Ramsay is known for being a tough food critic.

If you have seen an episode of Kitchen Nightmares or Hell's Kitchen, you will know that the famed chef does not take lightly to being served lackluster grub—and this is not just limited to restaurant food.

In a set of recent TikTok videos, shared on April 18, Ramsay decided to surprise some fast-food workers at a drive-thru in the U.K., by reviewing their bacon sandwich.

In the first installment of the prank, which has been viewed on the app over 20.6 million times, he drives up to the intercom, and orders a "British smoked bacon bap," before asking the Costa Coffee employee: "Is the ketchup Heinz?" and "is the HP sauce HP?"

The 54-year-old, who is wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans, then confirms that the bacon is "British sourced" although the staff member does not know the "exact location."

Finally, the celebrity asks for an extra rasher, which is declined as the sandwiches are premade, but he is ensured that his order will be a "proper size bap."

The next video, which has received over 12.6 million views, cuts to the chef talking to the giggling staff, before opening up the sandwich and saying: "is that it, £2.90 for that?!" He is then told it actually costs £3.00 ($4.24).

Ramsay complains that it has not been grilled properly, and when the Costa employees tell him that it has in fact been microwaved he exclaims: "You don't microwave bacon, how many times have I told you! It's all got the fat on there."

In the third installment of the prank, which has been viewed 7.1 million times, the chef then returns the bacon to the fast-food workers, saying: "Tell Mr Costa to get a grill for Christmas, that way I'll stop grilling you."

He then asks one of the staff members to give him his ears.

When the man then leans through the window, Ramsay recreates a famous meme by flanking the bread either side of his head and asking him: "What are you?"

The laughing man replies: "An idiot sandwich!"

The chef then tells him to say it louder, so the amused worker shouts: "An idiot sandwich!"

Ramsay finally drives away from the window, after telling the stunned staff: "Take care, remember the grill. Jesus Christ, you can't microwave bacon, you have to grill it!"

Many on TikTok took to the comments section to share their delight at the footage.

One person, Cloutykee, wrote: "This is an interesting episode of hells kitchen."

Another social media user, angelinalani, added: "I would be STRESSED in this situation."

A third, phillynigito, typed: "Gordon is the only one who's allowed to do this!"

Gordon Ramsay chef
A photograph of Gordon Ramsay at an event in Las Vegas wearing chef whites. In the recent TikTok videos the Hell's Kitchen star pranked staff at a drive-thru. Ethan Miller/Getty Images