'Gossip Girl' Showrunner on What to Expect in Season 2

There is good news for fans of the Gossip Girl reboot, Season 2 has already been given the green light by HBO Max, so there is plenty of more Constance Billard drama to come.

This means we will hopefully find out what JC (played by Jordan Alexander) will do next following her jaw-dropping move in the Season 1 finale.

JC's clever, or not so clever, move to reach out to Gossip Girl wasn't the only crazy turn of events in the finale. Should JC trust Monet (Savannah Smith) and will Max's (Thomas Doherty) heart get broken?

Newsweek spoke to the Gossip Girl showrunner about the Season finale of Gossip Girl and what fans can expect to see happen in Season 2.

What Will Happen in Gossip Girl Season 2?

Just as it looked as if JC was about to embrace a new chapter and a new, better version of herself, she was pulled in towards the world of Gossip Girl.

As the finale drew to a close, JC approached Gossip Girl on Instagram, with a proposal. Going forward, JC will tell Gossip Girl everything she knows, about well...everyone she knows.

There is a catch. Not every tip JC is going to send in is necessarily true, but Gossip Girl will have to post them all. This means JC can act as a savior in the real world, trying to put an end to Gossip Girl and find out her true identity.

She signed off her message: "No more kindness, it's time for chaos. That's how you change the world. You take the gloves off...Mutually assured destruction, from one b**** to another. You know I hate you, but I know you love me."

However, Gossip Girl (A.K.A Kate Keller) has one condition of her own and we will find out exactly what that is in Season 2.

Showrunner Joshua Safran teased to Newsweek JC has effectively "restarted" Gossip Girl ahead of Season 2.

He said: "The season began with Kate (Tavi Gevinson) having a mission statement and we see that mission statement kind of erode and be challenged.

"What was designed from the beginning with the writers was the idea that as Kate lost steam on this mission, Julian would slowly begin to see what that mission was and realize its merits. So they kind of switch places in a weird way. Moving forward, it's Julian, the number one target for Gossip Girl that actually restarts Gossip Girl. So it was sort of just like that, full circle."

JC's minions, Luna (Zión Moreno) and Monet, are completely unaware she has gone AWOL and when Monet sees JC being kind to Obie and Zoya, the two people who Monet blames for knocking JC off her throne, Monet sees red.

"Why did it have to be her? Anyone could have been IT, even me" she says to herself, looking down at JC.

As the finale comes to an end, Monet can be seen making some notes in her bedroom, away from the party downstairs. Is Monet planning on going for JC's crown? Yes, Safran confirmed.

He said: "I would say Monet is very much sick of being in the passenger seat and is very much going to try her best to steal that driver's seat. You shouldn't trust Monet, there is a war coming. It's not Just Julian versus Gossip Girl against the world, it's Monet against Julian and it's coming pretty fast."

One good thing to come out of the Gossip Girl finale was Audrey, Aki and Max's relationship. Instead of running away from his feelings and shutting out the people he truly loves, Max decided to give a relationship, with both Aki and Audrey, a shot. Much to everybody's relief.

Thankfully, Audrey, Aki, and Max's relationship is set to continue and hopefully flourish in Season 2.

Safran teased: "We're going to go into even more deeper places than it has gone before."

The good news is, work in the writer's room for Gossip Girl Season 2 is currently underway, with production set to begin in January 2022, Safran revealed.

He also teased his hopes to have more returning cast members in Season 2. After all, Season 1 did see the return of Yin Chang as Nelly Yuki, Zuzanna Szadkowski as Dorota, Sarah Baskin as Rebecca Sherman, Margaret Colin as Eleanor Waldorf and Wallace Shawn as Cyrus Rose.

Safran shared: "We get to hope to have more returning cast members should they be available to it and there is one, in particular, I don't want to spoil but I believe that was a really fun arc for one in particular, so hopefully that happens."

As for Season 2 itself, it's going to be " faster and more propulsive," Safran said, and may match the same level of drama as the moment Serena van der Woodsen shared she accidentally killed a man in Season 1 of the original.

"I'd say the show, as you see in the second half of season one just gets faster and more propulsive and more happens on each day.

He continued: "I don't think we would have been able to do [some things] in season one, but it [Season 2] feels more like version one Gossip Girl and we had to sort of getting there. Look at the first Gossip Girl...we didn't really do anything super crazy until episode 17 or 16 is when she's [Serena van der Woodsen] is like 'I killed someone. Before that, it's just like their sex lives and what they're dealing with. So I'd say if you look at our show, at the end of Season 1, Episode 12 and you get into Season Two and around the episode four or five and season two to kind of get to the 'I killed someone' place."

At the moment, Gossip Girl Season 2 doesn't have a release date, but hopefully it won't be too long a wait.

Gossip Girl Season 1 is streaming on HBO Max now.

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