'Grace and Frankie,' Season 5, Starts Friday; Renewed for 6th Season in 2020

Grace and Frankie, the ground-breaking series about older women previously invisible but now rising to self-empowerment–with a healthy dose of curse words along the way – debuts its season five opener Friday, January 18 on Netflix, as Broadway World reported.

News brokeTuesday, too, that Netflix will renew the star-studded series for a sixth season starting in 2020.

That should give stars Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie–plus Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as their ex-husbands now married to one another–plenty of fodder for at least another season.

Series creator Marta Kaufmann told the Associated Press on Tuesday that she was hopeful the comedy would keep going, given that "we certainly feel the love" from Netflix, the streaming service.

However, she added while season five kicks off on Friday, she is appreciative and doesn't take the renewal for granted.

The preview video is great fun–and hints at Grace and Frankie taking back their shared beach house that their grown children sold out from under them when last season wrapped.

The last episode showed the unlikely pair escaping a bland retirement community forced upon them. With Frankie driving as if their lives depended on it, they fled to their home, where they were shocked to discover a "sold" sign staked out front.

"Everybody said, 'Oh, that was a real cliffhanger when you lost the house last season,'" said Tomlin in the AP interview. "Well, wait until you see this season."

Grace, a former self-made businesswoman who led her own line of beauty products, fits the angry Type A drinker, as Fonda – in all her glamorous glory – plays to perfection.

She, of course, plays off aging hippy, loose-y-goosey Frankie—Tomlin's meditating, pot-smoking, fast-food-chomping character who industriously tries to bring Grace out of her hard-core shell. In earlier seasons, they created their own vibrator for older women, to much amusement. Frankie invented organic vaginal lube—spreading all kinds of hilarity never before seen on the small screen—or rarely any women's films, for that matter.

What binds them are their retired lawyer husbands, who lied to them for 20 years as they carried on a secret love affair with one another behind the wives's backs.

Grace and Frankie are on a mission not to take crap from anybody, as if making up for all those lost years when a submissive or deferring wife may have cost them a voice in their traditional marriages. Before the Season 1 divorces, of course, when the two women reluctantly moved in together while dealing with their exes' infidelity.

Kauffman was careful not to give away any surprises for the season five episodes, which total 13.

"Without spoilers, they're going to spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how to get their house back," Kauffman told the AP. "But honestly, what they get to very quickly about life is that age is the idea you can finally just say '(expletive) it.'"

Creator Kauffman said when she turned 60 a few years ago, she came to a "startling discovery."

In part, she said, "I am at a certain age and I don't have to put with anybody's (expletive)."

It remains to be seen what unfolds for Grace, Frankie, their exes, their hilarious grown children and various guest stars, one of whom is RuPaul this season as a foil for the two women.

"I'm always excited for the show," said Tomlin. "Because I love Jane, I love playing with her. We have a great family on the set."

As Vulture reported in 2018, RuPaul "sashays" onto the set in season five and plays an adversarial role.

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