Woman Accidentally Destroys Bathroom in DIY TikTok Renovation

TikTok user @graceoheeron's documentation of her failed attempt at a bathroom renovation has gone viral on the social media platform.

On April 16, 23-year-old Grace O'Heeron from Texas shared the first video in the ongoing 80-part series about the process. The first TikTok showed O'Heeron painting the tiles in a Pinterest-inspired black and white pattern with a friend and seemingly all was going to plan.

In the comments, O'Heeron, who dubs herself the "Picasso of the DIY world" in her bio, confirmed she used Rust-Oleum floor paint and a handmade stencil, while recommending viewers to "prime before and sand a ton."

A follow-up video shared on April 29 shows the beginning of the renovation's downhill journey, as she explains in the clip: "It kind of started out pretty good and then my one stencil broke so I ended up spending 300 dollars on cricket so I could make more."

"It was about this point I realised I was doomed and my bathroom was just going to be a failure," adds O'Heeron after explaining that she ran out of paint and couldn't get any more.

In a video on the same day, the TikToker continues to show her attempt to DIY her bathroom sinks too, by painting them white and adding glitter. "I thought that would be cute. No, looks like a garage floor," she says. "After two-and-a-half weeks, and five paint cans, I finally realised that I just needed to give up."

However, O'Heeron didn't give up but continued to paint her sinks green instead, leaving them looking particularly bumpy, which elevated the videos to a viral-level. One video of the sinks uploaded on May 1 has garnered 5.6 million views at the time of publication.

"This feels like a crime scene cover up," commented one TikTok user on the video.

One viewer compared the green sinks to a "high school bathroom" in the comments, while another user added: "It's like the bathroom at a dive bar."


Me trying to erase all my mistakes

♬ We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Now, O'Heeron is keeping invested viewers up-to-date with her attempts to reverse the project and redeem her bathroom. After vowing to get rid of the paint after finding a dried bug in it, the use of paint stripper and manually removing the paint has seemingly worked for the TikTok user, who showed the lengthy process on her account.

The once-green sinks are now a white, after she attempted, then removed, marble contact paper. Tiles have also been purchased to replace the DIY versions she originally created, as per her own TikTok videos, which were humorously paired with motivation pop songs, including the Destiny's Child single "I'm a Survivor."

Newsweek contacted Grace O'Heeron for a comment.