'Grand Theft Auto V' Alien Originators Didn't Think They Would Start a Virtual War

The streets of Grand Theft Auto V have erupted into a gang war full of nylon and memes that could only exist in Rockstar's virtual city. Roving groups of green and purple alien suits have become the norm, with other sects like Men in Black agents popping up to combat the scourge. Clips of these alien bashings and encounters have flooded the feeds of TikTok and YouTube, making the phenomenon grow past the confines of San Andreas.

grand theft auto v gta alien green
The aliens from the original reddit clip reddit

The "Green Gang" and the "Purple Gang," as they call themselves, started to become incredibly popular on social media in the last week of April. Clips of players in these multi-colored morph suits bashing enemy gangs to distorted Travis Scott songs have continued to spread in large numbers. Why this movement has become so popular is hard to determine, but the isolation of quarantine combined with the increase in free time definitely added a bit more salt to the equation.

The isolated incident that started this GTA V turf war can be linked all the way back to an April 15 post on the GTA Online subreddit. User "straightwhitemale02" posted a video with the title "You came to the wrong planet foo" featuring three players in green alien jumpsuits getting out of a van and beating a solo player up with baseball bats. The 22-second clip quickly gained traction on the sub, pulling in over 28,000 upvotes in less than a month.

"I just thought the GTA Online subreddit would be a suitable place to post; usually when something interesting or funny happens in a game I usually post it to Reddit," Adam Long, the alien behind "straightwhitemale02" told Newsweek. "It's hard to believe the three of us goofing around led to this crazy trend and we're all enjoying every bit of it."

The three "Green Gang" originators have been playing GTA V together since 2017 and have put hundreds of hours into the title. This whole trend sprouted out of the idea of three randoms who thought it would be funny to dress up in costumes and jump people in a van.

"While I was driving the van around, the other two lads would scout for random players on the map that looked like they could be suitable for attack whether they're on foot or in a shop of any kind," Long said. "We eventually came across the chap on the pier and when we did it, we knew that it had to be posted on Reddit due to how beautiful the attack was."

Originally the plan was to wear "Hillbilly" costumes but Kieran Joyce, who Long has known since they started playing Destiny together back in 2015, recommended the neon jumpsuits "because the idea of an alien gang was funnier than a redneck gang."

"We picked the suits due to their neon glow as it stood out and looked funny when you see a bunch of neon green aliens getting out of a van," Joyce said. "At the time it looked like a funny suit, never did we think we would start essentially a war."

The GTA V roleplay community, which has everything from make-believe cops to full-on roving street gangs, has become increasingly popular over the past few years and the "Green Gang" concept grew it even larger. In the two weeks since the crew's debut outing, hundreds of players have purchased purple or green jumpsuits from the in-game store and picked sides. On reddit, r/intergalactic was started and Discords started to pop up for alien sects to discuss strategy and bat skills. Danny Devito, actor and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia icon, posted on Instagram that he was a member of "Green Gang."

The meme has become so popular that Rockstar Games is giving away free jumpsuits at any of the in-game stores for the next week.

"I find the response to it all amazing," Long said. "If we see another alien in the lobby we might slap the alien costume on and say hi to them and sometimes we might just kill an unsuspecting person while we still have the suit on for a laugh."