100-Year-Old Grandma Winnie Fools Everyone by Holding MAGA Hat, Only to Call For Impeaching 'Sucker' Trump

Twitter user Mercurial Era celebrated their grandmother Winnie's birthday on Twitter with a viral clip of the 100-year-old woman holding up a Make America Great Again hat, telling viewers she just "wants someone to impeach this sucker." The clip has caused "Grandma Winnie" to trend on Twitter with thousands sharing the clip and applauding the grandmother.

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Many on social media got a kick out of the surprise video, which they clicked on expecting to hear Winnie voice her admiration of President Donald Trump, only to share the video in appreciation once she tossed the MAGA hat to the side. One Twitter user remarked, "Grandma Winnie had me in the first half. I thought it was another MAGA infomercial." Another mentioned, the clip gave him "the heebie-jeebies."

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A number of users shared the clip to urge House members to help Grandma Winnie receive her birthday wish, including journalist Lesley Abravanel, who tweeted at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is currently leading the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

Many felt a kinship to Grandma Winnie, such as podcast host Emily Brandwin and actor Billy Baldwin. The former tweeting, "We're all Grandma Winnie." Baldwin called her his "spirit animal." Op-ed writer Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

Grandma MAGA
A clip of an elderly woman celebrating her 100th birthday by holding up a MAGA hat and delivering a message of impeachment has gone viral on Twitter. Gregg Newton/AFP/Getty

In addition to the misdirection, many users found it charming that Grandma Winnie calls Trump a 'sucker' in lieu of something more profane. Some even tweeted "#impeachthissucker." A tweet read, "It took everything in Nana's power not to cuss the ... 'sucker' out."

Many shared anecdotes of their own Grandma Winnie's who they either know or believe would wish for the same thing as the 100-year-old in the viral clip. One user shared a picture of their own Grandma Winnie and wrote, "My Grandma Winnie would have wanted the same gift! I'm praying she gets it!" Another user replied to the clip, "I had a grandma Winnie too... If she were alive today, she would be saying it way more salty. (Grandma Winnie was my favorite)."

Others showed their support simply by wishing Grandma Winnie a "Happy Birthday" like Rick and Steve creator Q. Allan Brocka and Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero.

The video has been liked over 9,000 times and retweeted over 3,000 times as of Tuesday afternoon. The video has over 200,000 views and counting.

100-Year-Old Grandma Winnie Fools Everyone by Holding MAGA Hat, Only to Call For Impeaching 'Sucker' Trump | News