Grandma's Cocaine-Snorting Kit From 1970s Goes Viral After Family Finds It While Cleaning

What grandparents got up to when they were young is something we will never truly know.

However, when one person was cleaning out their grandmother's belongings, they learnt that cocaine use was something their elderly relative partook in.

Posting to Reddit, an account called Hmoonves shared a snap of a very smart-looking leather pouch, complete with an array of drug paraphernalia.

Captioning the image, the social media user explained: "My friend was cleaning out her grandmas belongings and found this old school cocaine kit from the 70s."

In the picture, we can see that the pouch contains a glass vial to hold the illegal powder, which comes complete with a small sliver spoon for sniffing scoops of the drug.

There is also a razer blade, used for cutting up lines, as well as a tube for sniffing larger quantities and a slice of agate stone to use as a surface.

The discovery is most likely a Frost-Ade Kit, which was made in California and described as for "truly exquisite snorting."

Although selling cocaine was made illegal in the U.S. in 1914, accessories for taking the drug were widely in available the 1970s and there were many advertisements brazenly promoting such kits.

The photograph has garnered more than 32,800 upvotes on Reddit and many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the discovery.

One Reddit user, DonNemo, wrote: "Grandma called it the 'powder room' for a reason."

Another person, AdvancedAdvance, joked: "My dearie, for your birthday, I knitted you 3,136 sweaters."

Lufflestheconqueror stated: "Looks like grandma liked to party."

Jaypeezy21 typed: "Mad props to your G-ma. May she be resting in peace underneath the biggest disco ball with lines as far as the bloodshot eyes can see!"

PercivalGoldstone explained: "Before 'drug paraphernalia' was made illegal, drug accessories were very much a thing. Check out the back pages of old High Times and other R-rated magazines back in the day, there were all sorts of ads for cocaine and weed accessories, and they weren't shy about saying it was for drugs.

"One of my favorites was a weed wallet that had a bunch of protected folds to hold joints. It was like a file cabinet."

Somethingfilthy asked: "Did it come with any old school cocaine?"

To this, the image poster responded: "Yeah there is some light residue caked at the bottom of the vile."

Newsweek have contacted Hmoonves for comment.

Old woman holding purse
A stock image of an old woman's hands holding a coin purse. On Reddit a woman shared a photograph of a 1970's cocaine kit that her friend had found while clearing out her grandmother's stuff. Getty Images