Grandpa and Baby's 'Serotonin Snoozes' Are the Internet's Favorite Thing

A wholesome moment of snoozing shared between a grandpa and his new grandson has gone viral online, melting hearts across the world.

The moment was shared online by new mom Grace Brown and put smiles across faces online—over 16 million in fact. Brown shared the clip to TikTok, dubbing it "serotonin snoozes."

Soundtracked to "Gravity" by John Mayer, the wholesome scene saw the baby sprawled across his grandpa's stomach, using it as a comfortable resting spot.

The grandpa, with his white beard and blue denim dungarees, was the epitome of a Hallmark moment, as he sat back on the sofa with his arms still out ready to catch the baby even in his sleep.

Brown's grandpa-and-grandson moment was celebrated online, as viewers flooded the comments with messages of adoration for their bond, dubbing it the "sweetest thing."

"Best part is even though grandpa is sleeping, his hands are ready to wake up and catch," noted one comment with over 130,000 likes.

"This is the sweetest thing i've ever seen," added another.

For many, the video reminded them of the nostalgic memories of their own childhood growing up with their grandparents. "One of my earliest memories was sitting on my pop's lap and snoozing on his big belly. Miss that man so much," wrote one user.

"Oh what I wouldn't give for such a sight. You're so blessed and I hope you truly cherish those little moments," noted another.

According to Pew Research Center, older Americans class spending more time with their family as the best part about growing old. Some 25 percent specifically labeled spending time with grandchildren as their favorite part of aging.

By popular demand, Brown shared another video of the grandpa's "serotonin snoozes" as the pair were captured sleeping away on a rocking chair in the nursery.

The grandad sat back resting on a rocking chair, lulling the baby backwards and forwards. This time, the baby was not resting across his stomach entirely, but in his arms curled up. They both however were once again sleeping simultaneously.

"Who's rocking who to sleep," asked an entertained viewer.


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TikTok is no stranger to showing the heartwrenching moments between grandparents and grandchildren. Just this April, Australian woman Ellie Maher went viral after showing her goodbye to her grandparents who live across the world in the U.K.

The video warmed hearts as her grandfather was captured patiently awaiting his turn to say bye, as she hugged her grandmother.